What women seem to want Vs. What you'd think a woman wants

By Black Knight

For starters let's just forget the Hollywood stereo type that women want true love and a "peachy keen" life. Secondly we need to wipe away every notion of what we believe women want. So what do women want? Well, judging by what I have seen and I imagine you have seen women definitely want guys with bad attitudes, really bad attitudes. If you're a good guy or someone not prone to violent fits you should just forget it. Maybe it's the fact the guys with bad attitudes have the whole "cool" thing going on, or the simple fact they can beat people up. Maybe most women have had a traumatic event in there life that basically shifts them towards assholes. The cold fact of it all is this, women definitely will pass a good guy up for a asshole. For instance a perfect example is some women who came into my life and vanished, and then returned. We talked for a few months, met in person.... had a good time. We made a date for next week and "bam!" obviously I suck. A week or two later she calls me and apologizes. A week goes by and turns into two months... and out of the blue a email. She's thinking about me! Of course I imagine the male half of you reading this know where this is going... yes, let your hearts sink like the Titanic. She got married. Of course certain details were left out, she had a live in male friend to begin with.... a asshole.

So what else do women want? Clearly assholes are in demand, or at least the jerks of the world. Women want money. No, women are not gold diggers but they do seem to want a man who is financially secure. While the idea of a man with a job and money is completely logical it is also unfair to a degree. A man with no job due to a physical problem stands no chance at all. Is it his fault for his situation? Normally no. And let's assume this jobless man is a very good guy, but because he is not financially secure a women will choose a financially secure guy regardless of whether that guy is a jerk or not. Women especially seem to have this notion about preferring higher up men, corporate executives. Maybe the current generation of women watched too many "Dallas" episodes or way too much "Ally McBeal" but the fact is even if the good type guy has a job chances are he will be a entry level worker, typically cashier/customer service. Eighty to ninety percent of the time women will choose the executive over the cashier type worker simply because of some odd preconceived notion a man who works as a executive will "whine and dine" them like the men from "Days of our lives".

This is pure one hundred percent bullshit. If the guy is a executive chances are after whining and dining the women and committing to the women in question he will cheat on her with multiple women. Why not? Let's look at the cold hard facts. A man who is a executive can have any women he wants, and he has the money to charm them with. However women seem to be blind to this and I imagine would easily flame this article for downing male executives. So what of the fate of the good guy who is a cashier? Chances are the poor bastard will flirt with many a sad women and cheer them up only to get nowhere fast. The same goes for every other guy who is in a entry level job. And no, not every guy working entry level is a good guy. Chances are though just most of them. Now we know women prefer assholes who preferably work as corporate exec's compared to a jobless guy who really does give a shit about someone's bad day. What else? Women seem to think they should be able to control a relationship, or at least be able to vanish on someone. And to add insult to injury they rarely vanish on the jerks and control freaks, they vanish on the guys that care about them. Of course it's even worse when the women is the one who fell for the guy. When a guy vanishes on a women it is a capital crime!

As I delve deeper into what women want I can only realize I only want my playstation more. Women also talk about how they don't want a guy with no sense of humor. Well I have a joke, what do you call a asshole? The women of today certainly prefer him! So this points out women prefer the hypocratic approach. What's the point in wanting something if it is chaotic in nature? What it seems to me is women want misery, or at least a unstable life with ten babies. On a interesting note women have no problem at all with crying on the good guy's shoulder and leading him on, even sexually arousing him. Of course the moment the good guy starts to show his emotions the switch turns off and communications on the women's side just ceases! What the fuck is that?

Inevitably the good guy is affected, one's spirit can only burn so bright against the cold winds of rejection. Most of the time a good guy just ends up burning out and closing his feelings off. He becomes a loner. Sure, he still laughs and charms women but never can create a relationship. And some times the good guy becomes a bad guy, a jerk. Maybe a good example of women would be "vampire". They turn men into themselves emotionally sometimes. Of course not every women classifies. Most women just tend to be enigmas plain and simple. The fact that a man must be able to laugh and joke and understand them is probably the most troubling aspect of the female gender. Why? It's clear they don't want to be understood nor does humor really even matter! After all what type of humor does a jerk present? And why must a women choose someone who is more financially successful? As if there was any true relevance between caring and money. I can only surmise that women want glamorous dates because they feel that's what they deserve. So then I should get a good blow job on date number one because I feel Im a stand up guy? No, that is not how life works and yet for women that is how apparently life works. We can also assume from the current divorce rate women constantly do something wrong otherwise they would not have married a guy who either cheated on them or left them for whatever reason. Of course I forgot we are talking about women so they probably left the man due to boredom. Or maybe we should just be blunt and admit women get bored of a actual good marriage. If I am not mistaken they actually use that excuse. It's sad that women aren't happy unless it's a bad relationship.

So what to do? If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have a girlfriend it's safe to say you're in for a lifetime of misery. You can't hit them, it's against the law and you become a jerk. You can't make them happy since realistically you know your not a millionaire and god knows you probably aren't buff and built. Marriage without a prenuptial is suicide. If you can comprehend everything you read just now and get married without a prenuptial agreement you clearly lack gray matter. Even if you are involved with a women and it lasts for a year or longer something's wrong. Women have issues that are complex and quite possibly insane. What was the saying? I think I remember it now! "Women, can't live with them and you can't live without them!"

Of course we must ask the million dollar question, what should women want? Not a easy question to answer but when logic is applied we can at least answer that question to a degree. Logically speaking you would think women would want a man that won't hit them and mentally degrade them. After all you do not need to be of the female gender to figure that out. Man or women who the hell would want a asshole punching them all day or calling them a "stanky bitch"? Secondly if a marriage is involved you know there is a good chance children are too. Now let's not even ask what the implications are, we should know. So is it not logical to assume a women should want a man who is mentally mature enough to poke fun at himself just to make the women laugh? And on the subject of logic what is wrong with a man who is not financially stable? Maybe it's that moronistic approach that all people without jobs or good financial situations are "bums" and "sugar daddies". The truth is you should not have to base love on a dollar. Yet I imagine this will be a futile point as women are naturally stubborn. And naturally you would hope women would want a stable marriage. Of course maybe the prospect of having eight screaming babies awake all night while the husband is off in Las Vegas getting laid makes for a good life for a women. Let's not forget chemistry or at least that spark. No, a one hundred percent much is way totally unrealistic but the idea of a man who is either a complete opposite or somewhere close to alittle similar to the women sounds good. And yes, it is safe to say women could never go with that. The man has to be built, bad ass and must hold a job preferably executive. Is it me or does that profile sound like a abusive spoiled rich kid who works for daddy? A Kennedy perhaps.

Of course I am assuming the women is straight. The whole concept of homosexuality would just totally loose you the reader given the complex nature of women to begin with.

Let's be frank. As men, to lower our standards to meet a women half way defeats the purpose. The purpose is to be the good guys like we are supposed to. Unluckily there is no answer, just a caution sign that says "Fragile bitches ahead!". Women of today feel they are "liberated" because they have Oprah and can hold high positions in the business world. The sad truth is women will be liberated when they grow the hell up and start seeing that there are right and wrong reasons to be with a man. And until women as a whole grow up they will continue to screw up regardless of how much you as a male friend may care.

Black Knight