About "In Tune"

By Adok/Hugi

The music review column "In Tune" used to be previously published in the Static Line newsletter. In the future, Coplan will probably publish it in Hugi, starting with this issue.

For all but the ones among you who also read Static Line, here's the original description of this column:

"In Tune" is a regular column dedicated to the review of original and singular works by fellow trackers. It is to be used as a tool to expand your listening and writing horizons, but should not be used as a general rating system. Coplan's opinions are not the opinions of the Static Line Staff [nor are they the opinions of the Hugi Staff].

If you have heard a song you would like to recommend (either your own, or another person's), we can be contacted through e-mail using the addresses found in the closing notes. Please do not send files attached to e-mail without first contacting us. Thank you!

Coplan's email address is: