The Editorial of Hugi 29

By Adok/Hugi

August 8th, 2004

It's a bright summer day, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, the weather is warm enough for me just to wear a t-shirt, and I can keep my windows open without catching a cold. In other words, it's exactly like what you would expect the day to be.

And here is Hugi 28 - The Blue One. For one moment I've wondered whether to rename it "The Expected One", or perhaps "The Unexpected One", in order to continue the storyline I've just begun. But then I came to the conclusion that this would be too silly. So I sticked with my previous decision.

Blue - that's the calm colour, the colour that suits a diskmag best because it makes you enter a relaxed state, feel comfortable and read the articles with pleasure. It's also the colour Blue that turns on your imagination, that makes you start dreaming. Blue is The Colour of Fantasy.

This is exactly the purpose of this Hugi issue: to boost your fantasy, to give you new ideas, new inspiration and motivation to make them materialize. Many articles in this issue are of this kind: they present thoughts, ideas their authors had, sources of inspiration for you and your friends. Read about them, absorb them. Think about them, dive into them. Play with them. Realize them.

Make your dreams come true one day.

We have got a very talented new author: Emmanuel Poirier aka EP of CosmiK. He is a man who has a real lot of imagination - you will see. And he knows how to write articles that immediately catch your attention, and they will not lose it until you will have finished reading them, from top to bottom. You will see. His first articles ever written for Hugi are included in this very issue - Hugi 29 - The Blue One.

There is a very special anniversary to celebrate: Believe it or not, but Hugi 29 is the 100th official release of Hugi Core & Royal Family. This certainly needs to be celebrated, and we are pondering over how to do so. There are some ideas; for example, I have been thinking about creating a new, second Hugi Special Edition, a sequel to Hugi Special Edition 1: Coding Digest, but most likely covering an entirely different range of subjects.

Then there is also the idea of making future issues of Hugi an online magazine. What is your opinion about that? I have written more on this matter in a separate article.

So, enjoy reading and sending us some feedback. Perhaps we will even meet at Buenzli.


Adok of Hugi Core & Royal Family -

P.S.: Two poems by iliks are hidden somewhere in the issue; can you find both of them?