Review: Fluffy Digital Snowflakes by MAWI AND SUSPEND

Reviewed by Magic of Nah-kolor

"I know my tricks, I know yours, we're wasting time", I read when the amiga PPC demo is starting. From far away a lot of colours come closer to my screen and move around behind the text. The music is floating upwards and I am awaiting the beat in the music to begin. First the "MadWizards" logo appears at my screen, then underneath the "Suspend" logo appears. A polish cooperation demo, how nice.

The next scene is a sphere or should I say a ball with squares cut out of it. It looks lighted from the inside so the shadow of the sphere is to be seen next to it while it's floating around and around and zooming in and out on my screen. The beat in the music has become a sort of trance sound - I like it.

Then again those colours from before are on my screen and the title appears in front of it: "Fluffy Digital Snowflakes". When I saw the title for the first time I wondered who would name a demo that way. But the title points to a routine that will appear in the demo later on.

Now that ball is zooming in and out behind the title. That's nice. A golden/yellow box appears which is morphing in and out in different positions. In the background squares are to be seen surrounding and moving around the morphing box. Cool! In the meantime the music takes on atmospheric proportions. Realy cool also because a man's figure is seen now holding his hands to protect his eyes from the light. And yes Fluffy Digital Snowflakes are falling down also landing on his head, shoulders, hand and so on :) The man is seen from multiple angles. "I have been expecting you", a voices states through the music. So this man must have had a good feeling about us watching him.

Then a foggy landscape appears on my screen. Detailed mountains. The landscape is rotating around and around. The trance music goes on, which really fits the demo. But I like trance music in general I have to add. "Float into silence" is to be read in the background while some tentacles are moving around in my screen. Also nice. Next is a sort of spinning room with in the middle our planet earth spinning around. Also in a circle "My Fluffy Digital Snowflake" can be read.

The spinning room is to been from different angels. The shadow of the continents of the earth can be seen moving around in the room. Those squares are back again which are moving around but this time another object is spinning around infron of my screen. Looks like a morphing rock in the middle with 4 some kind of satellite objects floating around it looks nice. Also to be seen from different angles.

Next the greetings part in the demo starts. Two balls with eyes in them are moving around. On those balls the greeted groups appears. At the same time an object with again tentacles is moving around in the front. Some 'curtain' with chinese markings is also floating around in the background.

Then the next scene: Quite dark and quite red. In the front you can read with black letters: "Fluffy Digital Snowflakes". In the background boxes and/or squares are moving around. Some yellow/orange light is to be seen left and right of the screen. "Can I Stay and Say nothing at all?" is to be read on the background of the next scene. Moving objects seen from different angles are moving towards you, or moving around or moving sideways with sometimes balls of light added next to it. Looks also very nice.

After this the credits appear with a small spinning landscape in the back. Programming: Kiero. Visuals: Azarro and Insane. Soundtrack: Raiden and Scorpik. Supermodels: Ubik, Prevent and Mover.

Then the music sounds almost to be over. A final screen with a woman on the right who looks to sort of a bottle with a moving substance moving from left to right and back again inside the bottle. Cool! You see the bottle move from different angles. Screen fades to black. Demo is over.

Really a nice demo. Very smooth. Not too much 'design' in it what we know of MAWI demos. If I have to give one point of critisism then it is that there aren't those "OOOW" and "AAAH" routines in this demo which make a demo a classic. Also not to be missed out is the music. I really, really liked it. Good old Scorpik together with Raiden did it again! It's a really nice demo and every demo on amiga must be cheerished but it's 'just' a really nice demo. But a very good job, a very very good job! Cheers!

Ranked: 8 out of 10 in my book! What's a easter party without MAWI these days uh? :)

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Magic of Nah-kolor