Groups In Focus: Introduction To A New Article Series

By Adok/Hugi

Hi there!

What follows is the start of a new article series: "Groups in Focus". This series is going to deal with the internal structures of various demogroups. We focus on the communication inside the group, the way projects are organized, and the group's history of members and releases.

This article series will be interesting both for currently active sceners as well as bystanders and enthusiasts who would like to know more about the apparatus behind their beloved demos. It will also be of great interest for those who want to start a new group or are currently group leaders and would like to get information and ideas about how to organize a demo group. Maybe this will become a valuable resource to learn.

The first round is about Northern Dragons, a Canadian-based demo group founded about three years ago. I interviewed Polaris about it.

If you want to introduce your own group in this article series, feel free to contact me (Adok/Hugi) at

But first enjoy reading!