I need to apologize.

By SacRat/Hugi

Being a big opponent of anti-Iraq... oh, sorry, anti-terrorist action in Iraq I need to ask for excuse from all the great American people and personally G. Bush the Jr. After the war is over I've understood all the foolishness of all the anti-American claims.

I do greatly regret the position of my country and our president. I do clearly understand that all the casualties among the civilians were only caused by GPRS jammers our country sold to Iraq. The high-precise weapons you used cannot miss, and you only bombed military objects, like military bases, air defence posts, phone stations, hospitals, homes and bazaars. There's no doubt that mean Hussein turned all the hospitals and museums into fortresses and masked chemical laboratories into kindergartens. How stupid must a person be not to understand this?

I should also blame Germany and France for their cowardice. They were just afraid. You must not tolerate this! Send France their damned liberty statue back and create a mile high statue of our great protector, mister G. Bush instead. The same should be done with all the statues of Saddam in Iraq: Iraqi people must know the name of their protector! The Iraqi hate Saddam, we all know that: we saw them shaking fists and shouting to cameras. Translator said, that they couldn't stand from telling their happiness of being free.

Some people dare to doubt the bravery of American army. How can they say this! They say, that allied troops needed a whole week to take the small village Umm Kasr, located just a few meters from the border.So stupid. First of all, everybody knows, that the brave American troops have taken Umm Kasr city, located deep in Iraqi territory and guarded by five thousand (huh, you say 300? 300 people can't stand there a minute) of elite Saddam soldiers in the very first hours of anti-Iraq... sorry, anti-terrorist operation.

The same fools claim, that allied troops killed civilians and even kids. Blatant lie. It's obvious, that this damned Al-Jazir TV company belongs to Bin Laden and they faked the films in order to discredit your brave army (You must take all the efforts to shut down this anti-democratic channel and let the free people of Iraq know the fresh news on BBC and CNN!) Unlike these mean "journalists" your brave reporters only showed films with Iraqi people greeting their liberators! Some of them (surely, hired by Saddam's special forces) dared to show the opposite, but were immediately fired: your brave democratic country should not tolerate such mean people.

The result of this war is fantastic. Surely, not everything was as good as planned. For example the whole military operation took a little bit longer, than planned, but, well, Blitzkrieg was not successful either (your military specialists should work on it). There surely were some stupid people, who tried to show their anti-war attitude; we all know, that they were brainwashed agents of Hussein, hired by Iraqi Special Forces. The poor ones even tried to protests on the streets. What for? The same was done during Vietnam War. Stupid hippies...

Well, a couple of sad accidents took place. Official statistics (definitely wrong, as the number of casualties and wounded is much lower) show, that American commandos manage to kill more Englishmen, than all the Iraqi troops... You should correct the mistake and retype these data in your class books.

I really welcome stopping the "oil for food" program, which is far not that effective, as "trinket for land" you tried some time ago. I bet your great government would make something better. The starving people of Iraq must be fed! You should open more McDonald's, so hungry people can buy some food. A few times American rockets managed to fall to neighbor countries and once a decent missed too, but, hell, those jammers...

Some people dare to say, that Bush is moron. Surely, he's not! Maybe, he's not such a good orator, as some presidents before him, but he's definitely not a moron. He even found Iraq on the world map! Far not every American congressman can find such a little country on the world map... And, surely, he's got much more things to do, that just looking at the map. He's a President!

Viva George Bush, the most democratic leader of the most democratic country.

Russian Federation (it's somewhere in the north)