Our Generation


Human-plant, he thinks a little,
Plays his "Quake" and basketball.
But what else? - That is the riddle!
Be surprised: that is all!


And he will not even notice
How the ugly war begins:
"Doom part III" - his real choice,
There he doesn't die, it seems.

Oh, forgot, besides his games
He's the Worldwide Network's part,
Wasting time and starting flames
In just any stupid chat.

Eating, drinking, loving, sleeping,
All in front of blinking screen,
Human-plant, he's always picking
All the worth that can be seen....

The glamour boy!...

Internet's slave

Try to think, my friend, a little,
What will be if all of us
Once become all thick and brittle?
He and she. Amidst them - glass,

Tons of wires, ISP's and money.
All are thinking: "Net is prime!"
Loving parents, kin and honey
Paid for them to waste their time.

One like this won't be complaining,
He is always - badly - fine,
His delusions are sustaining,
Being sometimes drenched in wine.

The Judgement

Oh, thou fooled up and thou fulfilled
By masquerade of our lonely lives,
Arise and fight - strong in your wish and thrilled -
Against of fooling up, against of any crimes!

Forget the times they mechanized your being,
Let one your hand know where is another one,
Let one your eye believe in what another's seeing,
Without consulting with the one who wants you to
obey his plan.

March-July, 2003
Ilya Palopezhentsev