Antique Toy - Music Compos


The acceptance of works onto the unusual virtual party, Antique Toy Compo, is over. Frankly speaking, I've supposed to see much more works than I see at the moment, because of a variety of compos. Thus, there are 29 music tracks in the vote pack, for three compos, i.e. mainstream, progressive, and cover music compos. There are much fewer works in graphics compos (only 11 entries in three compos: traditional, alternative, and logo graphics).

The quality level of compo works are the subject to argue as usual since there are really pieces of art there, as well as so-called "classics" which are worth nothing. I will criticize each work from my point of view below. Of course, I could put a mark from 1 to 10 to each work but actually I would like you to have your own opinion about compo entries.

Mainstream Music

Railway Express

An oldskool-type music dated the year of 1998 or 1999. Although the theme is interesting, it is dancing around the same chords. The drums are done in the typical style, and overall technique level is not of great variety.

A Toy

In the beginning, one cannot figure out what the theme will grow into; it's a bit dull. But after some seconds it becomes all clear and the tune drives into some kind of non-standard pop music with a bits of acid samples and lots of drums. All in all, my impressions are not bad, although the atmosphere of the track was pressing on me.

Beside Impressions

No doubt that it is one of the best entries in the Mainstream compo. Fine tune with quality drums; it's author has good feeling of rhythm. It fits ok as a background music, and one can listen to it for a long period of time. Beautiful thing ...

Improvisation #13

I think you all guessed who's the author of this tune. If not, then I will not tell you now; I will just put some comments below. We haven't got anything new from this author for some two to three years except for this theme. It was interesting to listen to it in the beginning; however, personally I am tired now. I would like to be able to listen to something new and interesting from this dude. However, due to some reasons he does not want to show all of his cards at once... Why? Maybe it is some tactical move?


One more oldskool, even more dull than Railway Express one. I've got no good impressions while listening to it; I've just wanted to turn it off. Ok, the author hadn't worked good enough on the idea development here, and it has led to such a dull result.

Kirpich Na Golovu (Russian for "Brick Falls Down onto One's Head")

It all started at a cemetery... Darkness and humid weather... The wind plays with my hair... Slight noise somewhere around... And again the cool wind plays with my hair while I am standing and watching the road... This is exactly what I imagine while listening to this one. Well, other people may imagine something else, of course, but my personal feelings were as described above. The idea of this entry has something common with funeral march but from my point of view, it is a bit better than its predecessor... in some aspects.

The Farm

The life at farm is calm. Here's a cow, and a chicken is over there. Just like it should be. The theme screws ears because totally "incompatible" samples are used. It's very hard to listen to it. In the end, the screaming ornament (instrument in non-ZX trackers) breaks through the ground, and it kills the whole thing.

Inbetween Remix

This one is a remix of a Placebo's soundtrack to the demo called "Inbetween" which was demonstrated at one of the largest 2002 demoscene events, Computer Art Festival (CAFe).
Well, what can I say? In demo, the music is great. Without visual things, it turns into another dull track.

Das Problem

The style of this musician is well-known but if you cannot guess who is the author at the moment, then I won't tell you again. Guess yourself, who can be the author of a track.
The theme is saturated, and it does not screw anyone's ears. Colorful transitions and beautiful drums. However, one can be tired within certain period of time since the track is not of great variety.

Forgive Me

At the beginning, it does not look dull but right after an intro finishes, it does. Although some transitions are present, it is too dull.

Burning Planets

One can divide this track into two parts, that is "calm" and "burning". Looking at the name of the tune, one can imagine that the first part is peaceful life of the planets, while the second part is the process of burning caused by unknown reasons. The "calm" part describes peaceful life quite precisely and sounds well. At the same time, the "burning" part does not look interesting.


Jolly track which allows to relax after all of the previous ones. Technique is at the mid-level, as well as the rest of the things in it. However, in despite of this, the basic idea of this track is good.

Progressive Music

Since I am not a fan of an alternative music and progressive style, my personal opinion about the works below will be connected closely with this fact.

Groundscape Soul

Chaotic drums are like bombs; they aren't connected with any kind of theme, which is absent from this work. The track is also hard to listen because of noisy envelope effect.

Noizy Dream

In my opinion, there is too much hiss in this tune although it is hardly noticeable along with bass and hard drums. It is a "no theme" track, as well as the previous one. Overall track quality is much higher, however.


The track looks like some classical one from Mozart or Bach. Calm theme with quiet culminations. There is hardly some variety in it.


The creaking beginning causes one to think that the track itself is not interesting; however, later all of the doubts are falling away. In despite of the fact that the theme is not of the great variety, it is very beautiful. Additional pretty thing is the vivid sound which can be rarely met these days.

Skies in Rave

There is no music at all here. It seems that the author of this track was just experimenting with drums; it came out not bad. However, one cannot judge the whole tune by those drums. The track is worth nothing, in my opinion.

Half Trance

The trance style tracks are becoming popular these days. From the name of the tune we can see that it is not a complete trance but a mix of pop, trance, and acid. The whole thing is not bad, although it is not of great variety.

AY Unlimited: The Big Minimal

It's almost oldskool. Nothing interesting, however, nice sound effects are making the mood better. I fell asleep while I was listening to it. :)

Antigue Toy Prezent

The track is of high quality and it sounds very nice, packed with all those special effects. In my opinion, it is one of the best tracks in this compo, although the theme is not of great variety.


Asynchronous drums and chaotic bass made this one impossible to listen to from the very beginning. It seems that its author was drunk or just joking while composing this stuff.

Basic Recrus

The rhythmic drums are saving this track from being called a complete trash. The tune is very typical, with almost no theme and no evolving idea.

Dolphins are Swimming to The Moon

The track starts like typical pop thing, and only later one can say that it is of progressive style. The music is nice to listen to, it does not screw the mind and ears. It can be ideal background tune in some e-paper.

Sublimaticale Automaticale

Since I don't like the whole progressive style, I can only say that the drums here are quite typical, and all of the tune patterns are almost similar. Progressive music fans may probably enjoy this one.

Thy Dreams, Thy Dreadful Visions

From the name of the track, one can see that something horrible is awaiting for him. And it is really so. Graves, ravens, and the rest of the stuff are coming to my mind while listening to it. I've enjoyed the track very, very much since such a dreadful theme can rarely be performed as good as this one is.

Vicious Circle

For some reason this track reminds me tunes from the Dendy gaming console; samples sound is similar. The track itself is nothing interesting: an absolute zero of ideas plus a bunch of sound effects.

Cover Music

Before proceeding with analysis of the latest music compo piece, I must say that I liked none of the tracks that were offered to remix by Antique Toy organizers except for the tune of Ironman which was not remixed by anyone. So my analysis will be quite cruel. Sorry for that.

Dark Fusion Remix

The tune reminds me of an aircraft (or maybe spacecraft?) flight, and it sounds quite pretty. However, unneeded sound effects are spoiling the whole thing; they does not allow to concentrate on the music itself.

Make up For MIG-29

This remix went far off the original MIG-29 track; however, it seemed to me that I hear the digitized samples but not the AY chip sound. The technique is at the high level but personally I don't like the melody in it.

Amause Voxon

100% pure pop -- dull theme and melody; one will drop listening to it quickly. The technical level of the work is high, however.