15 issues ago...

...Hugi contained the following news and rumours:

"ANDROID'S DREAM - Legend #1, a diskmag fully in English, made by Andoid's Dream group should be ready till the end of this year." Legend was supposed to be the first 100% English-language diskmag from Poland. However, this aim wasn't attained; Legend ended up as yet another 100% Polish-language diskmag. But it was said to be a very good diskmag and led most of the charts in the years 1999 - 2001.

"DANCE - will in cooperation with TPF work on AnotherMAG #2: 'Hype'. What makes AnotherMAG different from other mags is that it will be a totally self-contained, bootable *DISK*-mag, totally Amiga-style, driven by a more-or-less modified version of the current Linux development kernels." But AnotherMAG #2 was never released.

"DOOMSDAY - brought out a last demo at Dreamhack called Off. The group quits the scene because of lack of time and interest. MRI got married, Dice is creating a career as a professional wrestler, and Wode is struggling against his heroin addiction." Off wasn't Doomsday's last production; only recently they've won Assembly 2003 with their demo Legomania.

"HORNET - The Hornet Archive is shutting down. All files are being transferred to scene.org. At the moment Hornet is still reachable but does not take any more uploads. As soon as the transfer is finished, http://www.hornet.org will be an alias for http://www.scene.org. The final Hornet Charts was put on the web in October. No more votes will be taken." This announcement shocked the scene. It brought an abrupt end to the period in which Hornet was the dominating archive of the worldwide PC demo scene on the Internet (1992 - 1998). At the same time it was the beginning of the Scene.org era.

"IMPHOBIA - Rumours were going through the scene that Imphobia #13 would be released on The Party 1998 as a paper mag. However, those rumours are probably false." Indeed they were.

"NAH-KOLOR - The famous Amiga group started on PC, too. All Prism members and Visualize (gfx) joined Nah-kolor. Also the coder Hedgehog went PC, his first demo will be in April '99." Meanwhile Nah-kolor is pretty well known as a PC demo group as well. All of its members are Polish, except the organizer, Magic, who is from the Netherlands.

"REPLAY - Replay released the third and last issue of their diskmag Shine." After that one, five more issues were to come.

"TREBEL - is a new archive website for the scene that will open soon. It should even be ready while you are reading this news (...). People involved in this project are Tonic/Comic Pirates, Makke/Comic Pirates/Hugi, N.r.t.h./HeadCrash, the Quad group and others. They are still looking for some firm mirrors in Asia, Australia and Europe. Of course people with a small 24h connection can be part of the trebel mirrors. So if you want to set up a mirror for your country or continent, contact the staff (...). Trebel wants to be a home for the whole scene. It will provide space for the famous and the beginning groups. Together with several others the staff will try to set up a rating system like Hornet did in the good old days. Demonews headlines and rumours of the www.scene-central.com will be a part of trebel." Trebel was probably one of the most overrated projects of this time, since the site that was eventually opened (www.trebel.org) didn't live up to the expectations and didn't get the desired position as the "home for the whole scene".