Sereon Technology is proud to announce the Enigma Community Suite, the new and best way of adding live interactive chat rooms to your website.

Chatting with friends and family, holding your weekly club meeting online, conference in E-Learning projects or set up an entire new online community complete with banners. These are just some of the many uses of the Enigma Community Suite (ECS).

What makes ECS particularly stand out is EnigmaDesktop, the free and complete Windows based chat client that integrates seamlessly with your community server's extended functions. Combined with the robust chat server, EnigmaServer, and flexible web client, ECS gives you the ultimate winning solution for adding live interactivity.

EnigmaDesktop comes free with all hosted and stand-alone solutions; giving your community users the power to completely customize their chat environment, play MP3's, transcript private and room chats, integrated customizable away system and many more advanced chat features.

The chatserver, EnigmaServer, supports user profiles, the sending of memo's to on- and offline friends, automatic assignment of member privileges and a host of familiar chatroom configuration options such as the banning and kicking of users and more! EnigmaServer also keeps your community secure with server transcripts and event logging.

The web client EnigmaApplet supports a wide range of configuration options that make it easy to integrate it into your existing website, including OEM branding, adding your own logo's and the changing fonts and appearance. Even design your own graphics to give it the look and feel you want!

Sereon Technology can offer you the Enigma Community Suite to power your website's interactivity in a wide range of packages. From free rooms to a complete hosted dedicated chat community solution, the choice is yours!

Surf to to learn more about the Enigma Community Suite features.