Hi and welcome to a new Hugi issue!

We especially have a lot of articles on graphics and music related subjects this time. Thanks go especially to SacRat, who implemented his idea of creating a corner on skinning.

Congratulations to mados/TAP, zzz/KCN and Sophia Palozzi for finding the hidden part in Hugi 25! For all of you who are still looking for it, check out one of iliks' poems and try what effect pressing [END], [ENTER] has...

Thanks to MO3 compression, we're able to offer you a whole of 7 new melodies as background music. The "soundtrack" (30 minutes of music) is only 700 Kb, almost twice as small as before. This was also the idea of SacRat, who would like to introduce the tunes to you:

- calm and beautiful "Between Reason and Rage" by Gargoyle

- fast "Bring me back" by JDruid, originally created for Big Chip Compo #2

- Indian "Camel Ride" by Qum, which will be the soundtrack of the game Winpuzzle

- small and funny chiptune "Flowerpower", written by Chavez/funktion

- huge (10 minutes!) opus "Have u seen this dream?" by Arel frost

- amazing "Angel&Devil" by JosSs, whose brillliant tunes have already been used in Hugi before.

- ambient "The Land of Dreams" by Iliks

Okay. Hopefully'll also enjoy the graphical design and some of the articles in the other sections of this Hugi issue.

See you!


Some of the Feedback on Hugi 25