I shall take me leave...


News, schmoos

Okay, Adok asked me to write this piece of news myself to avoid any misunderstandings, so here goes.

I have quit Hugi.

You may have already noticed a certain person missing from the .NFO file and Royal Family. After producing lots of material for Hugi 21 (including a number of main menus, opening screens, section logos, backgrounds and closing screens) I've come to the conclusion that Hugi holds no more interest for myself, or at least my perspective towards it has vastly changed. Until recently all those hours of 'trying to create reasonable graphics' gave some sense of achievement because most of them would soon be released to the world in the hope of recieving some valuable feedback, some tips and techniques (and of course a modest collection of flamez ;)). But now it seems my recent creations will be cast into the pit of rejected pixel pap in favour of some other graphics (hmm... isn't it strange how quickly a diskmag theme changes these days after someone has just spent days putting them together with the issue number on them?). So the question "Why the fuck am I wasting hours doing this shit?" has raised its ugly head.

If the fun factor has long since departed, then move on...
find something else to do...

The future

I will continue to throw text, cast code and guff graphics around that small planet you earthlings called er... 'Earth'. So don't be suprised if you see something with the word TAD on it. Maybe a demo, maybe a tut or maybe an article or two in another diskmag.

So long, and thanks for all the flamez ;)