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Coplan & Makke

Coplan: I feel I always need a bit of an intro and this little project doesn't seem to have an acceptable reason not to have one. For starters, I think that this is a very resourceful project in the way that it shows our readers (as we are all writers) that we have quite a bit of respect for each other. I am personally honored to be thought of when this project surfaced, and I'm glad to be a participant. This is a unique project for me. I'm not quite used to commenting on other writers, but it should be an adventure.


Coplan: I don't even remember when I was introduced to Adok and Hugi, but it's an opportunity that I'm glad I never missed. As I can speak from the point of view of an editor (and I don't edit nearly as much as Adok), this is one dedicated individual. In my honest opinion, the diskmag that he has built up and maintained over the years is a connection between the oldskool scene and the new scene.

Makke: One of the best writers I've ever encountered in the scene and his English impresses me big time. He has a tendency to get a bit dull sometimes though, and not all topics he writes about are that interesting (but not everyone knows how hard it is to come up with good topics).


Coplan: I'll be honest, this is the first time I've heard of Shine. Maybe I've been living under a shell. Rather than avoid commentary, I decided to go check out this diskmag, and while I'm at it, I thought I'd check out Baloo. I was surprised to find one who likes to write about non-scene related topics. I'm not dissappointed in this coming from a diskmag, but it took me off guard. So I read a little bit about "Some Really Nice Gadgets" and a review of the movie "The Beach." I think Baloo should lean towards the former, because I wasn't impressed with his movie review. But, when it comes to gadgets, the man is in his element. When it comes to party reviews, we have a story teller. I think that is where his talents lie, in gadgets and story telling. To set things level -- never trust a movie review from me either.

Makke: Good writer who doesn't write that many scene-articles, and sometimes write totally uninteresting articles. For example the "realy nice gadgets"-article in Shine#7. But that's perhaps more a matter of taste.

Coplan/Immortal Coil

Makke: Haven't read that much Static Line, don't ask me why. It should be one of those zines/mags I check out everytime. Those things I've read by Coplan has been good though. Not much more to add as I haven't "built up a feel" for him... did that just sound gay or what?

Dario Phong/Hugi

Makke: Dario Phong has this perverted obsession with compression. Didn't like his articles that much in the beginning, but he has gotten a lot better. He's good at finding new topics to write about, which makes his articles very interesting sometimes.


Coplan: Before I continue on with this, one must realize that in the big scheme of things, I haven't been quite so involved in the scene a truly long time. I started participating in about 95. Prior to that, I only downloaded music, so I just barely missed Imphobia. But fear not, I am familiar with Imphobia -- just not in the proper context. To put it bluntly, this man belongs in publications. He knows when to smooth talk, but he isn't afraid to tell it like it is. I had contact with this individule while he was promoting the "audiophonik" CD (great CD, I highly recommend it). He is persuasive, intelligent, and most of all, he knows his boundaries. Even with as little contactthat I've had with him, I have a great deal of respect for Darkness.

Makke: He WAS the man, and still is. But he's not as outstanding as he used to be as the quality of diskmags are great today compared to the old ones.


Makke: The main man behind Fleur. Just like Adok I prefer well written English, and D-Lee's English isn't exactly perfect. However most of his topics can be interesting. Though I'd still enjoy them more with better English. I think it was in Devotion #1 I compared bad English with bad sound in a movie.


Makke: Loved his work with Pain and enjoy most of his articles.


Coplan: Gekko used to write for Demojournal, but now he writes for Static Line since Psychic Symphony has cut back to a news-only, slim version of DJ. Frankly, i'm glad to have him aboard! He has an understanding of the composition of intros that baffles my mind (though I know nothing of code, so that isn't hard to do). But, aside from his writing abilities, he has been a tremendous help when it comes to editing Static Line. He's a joy to work with, and I thank him (and all who work with me) for their patience.


Coplan: I don't know if I'm supposed to, but I find this guy funny as hell (now that I think about it, you might not think hell is funny, but it is). I believe this guy has quite nearly the same type of dry humor that I have. That's a good thing for me. Anyhow, this is the type of writer that is very good at keeping a coherent story going while also giving you the facts you want. His party reviews are the best I've read.

Makke: Morph was worried I'd diss him as a writer, but I won't do that since he's an awesome writer. For example his long interview with Adok in Hugi #19. He hasn't written that much scenestuff yet and I hope he'll stick around for a while. Really good writers are scares... Sometimes his articles ARE a bit long, but a bit too long articles are better than a bit too short ones.


Coplan: I can't imagine a mailbox without Demojournal. I don't subscribe to most e-zines as a principal. I'd much rather prefer to jump from web page to web page reading the countless articles on the web. Well, Demojournal comes to my mailbox every time Psychic Symphony gets it out. Unfortunately, it seems as though PS is on the fence about his little publication, and I believe he shouldn't be. If you want a cut-and-dry, streamlined news only e-zine, Demojournal is something that should be subscribed to. Whatever his decision, I would respect it. If Demojournal were to fade into the past, I believe that we'd still see PS from time to time. That is a comforting thought to me.

Makke: Never liked PS's style of writing, his articles tend to be a bit sloppy and "quickly" finished. None the less he's a popular writer, which more or less proves that others tend to like it. His job with DemoJournal is admirable though, and he can get his feelings described in words very well. If he's feeling down and writes an article you as a reader will feel down as well after that ;) Haven't seen many new articles by him... He's a hell of a flamer as well :D


Coplan: If you want to talk about a resourceful demo reviewer, you gotta mention Seven at least once. Several issues ago, Seven came to Static Line after being introduced to me by Psychic Symphony. Actually, Seven took over PS's column in Static Line, and he's amazed me ever since. For all this time, however, Seven has written many articles for various magazines. I'm quite impressed with his efficiency and his dedication. Maybe it's not so impressive to you all, but Seven only recently got a 3D accelerator, but he still reviewed every demo he could run on his computer.

Makke: Love his reviews, dunno if I've read that much else by him...


Makke: Great writer! Not always with the most interesting topics, but he always has a good point. I enjoy reading his articles even if the topic doesn't suit me. He uses the language in a creative and fun way, and I love that kind of writing.


Coplan: I'll be honest, PS wrote me one day and informed me that he was going to slim down Demojournal. It was an opportunity for me to pick up some more writers for Static Line, but I wasn't so sure if I could carry out more than one music review column, let alone three (Tryhuk writes two every month). But, I took on the extra music columnist anyhow, and I'm glad I did. Tryhuk spends a lot of time picking out music from his collection, and writing about it every month. I especially enjoy the "Retro Tunage" column that he writes. Again, I'm certainly glad that I grabbed him when I could, and I'm proud to have him along.


Coplan: I'll admit, I have a slight biased towards editors. Perhaps it is because I am one myself. But in all seriousness, most editors (myself included) spend a great deal of work reviewing and formatting and tweaking articles for their mags. Those really tough days when I spend too much time trying to make my own deadlines, you better believe that you can see it in my writings. I don't see that with Unlock. Perhaps he is much more organized than I, or that he just plays it cool under pressure. Nevertheless, Unlock runs a tight, clean and stylish diskmag.

Makke: Unlock is the oldfart in scene-writing these days. He's been around so long he probably can't remember why he even started this shit from the beginning. BUT he's still one of the most active writers and due to his experience as a writer he knows what he's doing...can't say if I like his writing or if I don't, just that his articles aren't bad.

Venior/Access Denied

Makke: He thought my topics were boring, but from what I can see he's not really working for "60 minutes" either. Sometimes he can be funny, but most of the time he's just an arrogant elitistic twat who talks out of his arse. Kinda like me. At least he's not afraid to speak his mind. Cheers.

Coplan & Makke