Spirit of Coding


I am not a scene member but I have been watching the scene for a long time. I never attended a party but I imagined the fun you could get there. Computers have always played an important role in my life. When I was a child I got in contact with computers and it was like an adventure to discover the possibilities and functions they could offer to me.

To be a freak means that you live for it, that you feel the spirit. The spirit of coding. The feeling of the binaries around you. It doesn't mean that you just type hexadecimal codes or strange commands in a language a man couldn't understand yet. It is a kind of fascination what happens if you do this and which consequences will follow. It is a trip thru the machine. Behind each door is another riddle that challenges you and you ask yourself which code is good for what.

You try to ask yourself. Is the computer still a machine or does it become a unity with yourself? You follow the code, analyze it, even dream of it and it won't get rid of you because it is a part of you. You try to put your fantasies and ideas into the code but somehow it won't work like you suspected, but still it is something you can be proud of, because YOU did it.

Nowadays I think back to the old times where computers where something special, even dangerous for some people because they didn't know what computers were capable of. It was the time when you watched WARGAMES and TRON, it was these pioneer times when all ideas were tried out. It was the time when the life of the code began and when robots began to live. First in your imagination and then on your PC.

It wasn't important which computer you used, it was the idea you tried to put down. It was great, it was some kind of revolution... a digital revolution, but no one knew what would happen and how much the computer would change their lives that time and this time.

Computer languages now were a way to communicate with the computer and assembler and the machine code have been the media. Learning machine code is very hard and it is like an adventure. An adventure for your mind. A riddle that is too complicated to solve in one step, a riddle that you choose for your life. A thing that can't stop you, you have to do, you won't stop till it's solved. And if you have found the solution you will see that there will always be another riddle you will try to solve and so on. But it will always be a thing you can be proud of.

I think that is the spirit of code. If you agree or not, I don't care, it is just my personal opinion.