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First things First

This is a copy of the original call to action, available online.

This has been provided for refrence when reading the article I wrote for Hugi.

Ok, now on with the real thing:

Quick Summary

The demo scene has no representation at SIGGRAPH -- one of the largest international computer graphics conferences. SIGGRAPH is all about cool computer graphics, from the art, technical, and industry perspectives.

I want to encourage members of the scene to contribute work to SIGGRAPH.


"...SIGGRAPH conference, which gathers the most cutting edge research, applications, and products related to computer graphics..."

I've only been to one Demo Party (Takeover 2000). I loved it. I've been to three SIGGRAPH conferences, and they're just as cool.

It is different however. SIGGRAPH is an eclectic collection of the top notch academics, artists, and companies. It's a professional type thing.

It's HUGE! SIGGRAPH can pull over 40,000 attendees who show up for a whole week.

Who Comes?

The top computer graphics research papers are presented at SIGGRAPH.

Both new age digital artists, and classic style 'serious' artists (who are now working in computer graphics) show up. There's a large art gallery each year.

There is a huge Animation Festival. THREE theaters run animations CONTINUOUSLY all week long. Plus, a two hour collection of the best animations are shown -- everyone shows up to watch this (it's held a few times, people get tickets)

Film Industry
All the big film companies show up (PDI, Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, ...). The show work in progress, and discuss how they accomplished their amazing special effects.

Games Industry
Yeah, game companies come too. That includes Nintendo, Sony, Electronic Arts, Square Soft, and a million smaller companies.

Hardware Industry
Of course nVidia and all the other graphics card manufacturers show up! So do all the virtual reality companies, scanning technologies, SGI, blah blah blah, everyone.

Animation Packages
Alias|Wavefront, Maya, 3dStudio Max, All these products come and have big tutorial sessions and so forth.

Seriously, everyone comes to this. :)

Contribute, who? me? how?

Yes, YOU!

Demos are so blatantly perfect for siggraph. What an awesome way to have THOUSANDS of people from all over the world see the DEMO SCENE!

I love demos. You love demos. Everyone should love demos -- they just don't know about them. This is an awesome way to show everyone that cutting edge work in computer graphics isn't just done by academics and large companies. Members of the scene are skilled artists (SIGGRAPH is 1/3rd art) -- skilled in an art kept underground for a long time.

Break out!

I so desperately believe the SIGGRAPH community would prosper by seeing demos.


There's a catch: Siggraph hasn't had demo submissions -- Siggraph doesn't know what demos are -- Siggraph doesn't have a 'perfect' place for demos to be contributed to.

The best bet for now (I believe) is to contribute demos on video - with a statement saying that the demo runs real time. Just a quick intro screen with a one sentence description of a demo, "This is a REAL TIME demo, run on a PIII with nVidia GForce2" or something.

SIGGRAPH 2001 Call for Participation web page

- Places I think you should submit
- Computer Animation Festival
- Emerging Technologies

- Also, those writers in the scene -- I encourage you to consider writing a short article describing the scene to computer graphics enthusiasts.
(I know you can do this, but I'm not sure where the link is. Start at the Call for Participation web page, and email people to ask.)

- When submitting to the above also submit the actual demo executable to
- The Creative Applications Lab (CAL)


I'm studying for my PhD in computer graphics at this moment. This leaves me _very_ busy, but I feel strongly about this, so:

I can try to help you

If you need help contributing to SIGGRAPH, let me know! I'll do anything I can to help you.

You can help me to help the scene

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