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In the future, when the people who are now in the scene will leave it or just be too lazy to do anything - wonder what'll happen then. Yes. A new generation of sceners will be born. They'll take their places as coders, graphicians, musicians, 3d-modellers, organizers... etc. Will we then be a whole bunch of oldskool-guys? Will State of Mind be a typical oldskool-demo? Will module based music be some relic from the last century?

But how will the scene have changed since y2k? Will we have online parties, meetings w/video equip. across continents? Well... at least something new. Will all parties (ASM, Mekka, TP, Gathering, Remedy...) be gaming parties? What machinery will be used? Will we have consoles instead of PC? Will newbies even know what a C=64 or an Amiga was? Or even x86-assembly? Tools will change.

But how will the social side of the scene have developed? Will there be any (group, mag, etc.) wars? Or will we have got so far that we will have cyberspace in its form as William Gibson imagined it? It would be awesome to be in a scene event in there. But then what would demos be like? Should they be a physical and visual experience? What would the sceners of that period of time say about for instance Bomb's State of Mind? Would they hate it because of having to watch it on a 2D screen? Would they laugh at the simple effects? I wouldn't even dare mention DOS because the laughter would probably kill them. These are questions which cannot be answered without experiencing these situations yourself.

Or could the scene achieve its climax and then little by little but surely die? Naaw. There'll always be people who want to express themselves by using computers. There is an almost infinite number of possibilities to express yourself. You'll just have find them out yourself. The scene will stay alive now and in the future.

Maybe I'm just *TOO* worried about future. Or should I make the present my biggest concern. Maybe I'm just nervous. Or maybe I should write another article. Oh well, this was quite a different article. And sorry in particular for my English. It's quite pathetic. I'll have to find another way to express myself. Okey, here we go... Kiittäisin Hugin koko tekijälaumaa kaikesta mitä he ovat jälleen saaneet aikaan. KIITOS! And that was a fine example of showing my skills of Finnish to others. But wait a minute...I AM a FINN! What the hell was that about? Weird.

Stonda/Extended Mind
Toni Saarikko