Idle Idle idlede


Ehh.. a topic... that sometimes really pisses me off... I remember when I finally, after years of isolation, got connected to the Net of all Nets. 10 minutes later (after dling mirc - and its crack :)), I was on funet.

/join #thescene!!

Whooooa! Man, I couldn't believe it! 30 ppl standing there. Now I can chat with fellow sceners! Of course, as I didn't want to act as a lamer greeting every "famous" person I saw there, just laid back expecting to see some "cool scene talk"...

5 minutes later I scratched my forehead. Hmmm. Maybe I'm on a slow connection. I'll try stealth.

10 minutes later, after 10 ppl joining and 7 leaving, still nothing. Hmmm... maybe I'll have to greet someone after all!? Maybe only then will someone talk? Ok, greets... ups, that was the Scene BOT. Ergh, well, he HAD a strange name. With fear I take another look on and some diskmags I got (well, Hugi and PAiN). Ok, i did NOT make a mistake. Ppl gather on #thescene. But why don't they talk. That is strange.

20 minutes later I'm off. Maybe my timing wasn't right. Well, it WAS 22:00. Maybe it was just too late?!

Eh... I hoped so, but in vain. Ppl, what's up? The cat eat your tongue? Or fingers? 9 of 10 times i'm on #thescene, you are IDLEING! And then someone will say that the scene is active. Active my ass. Parties only. Not that I have something against parties. Just can't attend any. So when we have irc, at least we can socialize there. And that is rare. It seems like #thescene serves only for questions like "Where can I get Spot!?" or "Hey, XyZyX, aren't you a member of ZiN!?". And if you are lucky, you might even get a nice answer to those questions. Hell yeah. Ok, we all know that many are actually only simple shells that stand there, BUT the others are strange. For example, yesterday a guy joined, said hello, left/joined for 7 times in 10 secs, got kicked 2 times and rejoined. I actually got 4 sentences from him after all!? Of course, not a word about the scene. Want another example? The maximum number of ppl that actually socialized when I was online was 10. They were trying to guess from what country I was!? Ok, it was fun, but man!? From what FUCKING country I AM? But when someone starts a potentially interesting topic, 2 or 3 ppl will actually say something. The others are, well, you know... idleing.

Now, as we all know, irc stands for Internet Relayed Chat. And keep your eye on the Chat part! It really pisses me off when I see so many replies on, because it is less interactive than the irc. If someone starts the same topic on irc, he'll find talking to himself.

Man, if I hear again that the scene is on its downfalls, I hope that the world will end. So I don't have to listen to such nonsense. It's all YOUR fault!