Female Computer Entities

Optimus/Dirty Minds

Who is the man who asks desperately for more Sparc girls in the message box of Ojuice? Who is passionately obsessed with the idea of girls who share the same interest in computers with him? Who is always talking about them or asking other sceners for more information on them? Who is searching for photos or anything else about them in Slengpung, Ojuice or in search engines? Who is obsessed with women who have a passion for computing? Who searches desperately for "sex:female" on Ojuice, while knowing that this command doesn't exist? Who even keeps their photos in a special directory in his HD? And why is he asking so many questions while knowing the answer? :)

Why am I writing this article? I thought that it would be fun to write it. It would be a good opportunity to remember all these girls and write something about them. It would also be good to write some general thoughts about females on computers. But it could also be a pleasant and very interesting article for sceners who also love to see females on computers! That's the most important reason for me. I wanted to share what I know and what I think about female computer freaks with you. (Well, freak isn't a good word to describe a girl. I don't want to use the word nerd. So what else... entity? Never mind...)

I will try first to explain where this passion with computer girls comes from. Well, the first thing I thought was that it were impossible to find such a girl. I couldn't believe that I would even find some very good girls on computers, some who spend a lot of time on the PC, some who are coders and some who can even make solo productions all alone! (Well, in the 3rd category we shouldn't say "some" because she is only one. :)) They exist!!! Perhaps reality has more fantasy than me! For me it was so hard to see so good computer girls that I can just consider them special! I can see them as distinguished women, that's why I admire them. But that's not why I have this passion. It is not rooted that much in admiration but in sympathy!

Why sympathy? I sympathize more my computer friends than some other friends of mine. (Well, sometimes I sympathize also with some of my non-computer friends, who have something alternative to them and with whom there can be some fun, but that's not our subject now.) That's because as a computer freak the best friends for me are computer freaks too. With them I can talk about our interesting things, we have much more fun and we feel closer, having more in common than e.g. with a friend who only tells me to get a life. Now, the same would happen with a girl who is obsessed with her computer. But, because she is a girl and I am a man, you understand that the sympathy is bigger now! And there are much less females than males in the computers area. I have some computer friends in my hometown but not a female. The chances are too little for that! You can easily find few computer friends at university but it is almost impossible to find such girls. It's so special to find such a girl...

Well... I don't know. What are these things that make me obsessed? Is it a mix of them perhaps? First the sympathy, the female understands your special passion with computers as you understand hers. You feel her closer to yourself. Second, computer girls are so rare to find (it's easier to find a heavy metal girl, a motorcycle girl, etc. as regards their hobby/passion) that you just get more obsessed when you discover a female computer entity, as if you had found a very well hidden treasure! It's our special hobby, computing, the fact that it has too few people and much fewer girls involved, that makes this passion with female computer freaks grow. And third, as such girls are so rarely found, you have a lot of admiration for them! Ok, I think that I confused the things a bit, but I see that it is a mix of these three facts that make me passionate, but more the 1st + the 2nd (very important!) and after these comes the 3rd. Anyway, it is a fact that I sympathize with female computer freaks, that's what happens to me. That's the realest fact. The answer to why this happens could be more interesting for me to rethink...

We will change subject now. I will talk about some of my own experience at finding some cool females from nowhere. I will tell you about some important female sceners/computer freaks I know and what things I have learned about them, then about female groups, etc. But anyway. Whatever comes in my mind I will tell you. There are many things left. After these some thoughts will come again...

I am so crazy that I keep all the nicknames of computer girls I have found at some place! Most of them are of course sceners because I found most of them in the people sections of Ojuice, Slengpung or other resources. I compiled this list only recently. So some girls I know are not included in it, because earlier I found some females, too, at Ojuice randomly and I forgot their nicknames later. It's time for some statistics now! The number of the computer girls found must be greater than 60 (and with this number I mean not only sceners, not only from Ojuice). There are mostly from France (there are many French sceners registered on Ojuice; is it because the French scene is too big or because Ojuice is maintained by Frenchies and every French scener wants to support it?), many females are from Norway, some from Sweden too, few from Germany or Finland, and there is even a girl from Italy who wanted to be coder as far as I remember. After some research I discovered that females usually have ICQ and love IRC too much! Some of them love joining 4 IRC channels! We know that females love communication more than men, they show this too often. They are crazy about mobile phones, IRC chats, etc. Something else I discover is that females usually take the role of the webmaster in a group. Mermaid is webmistress of the Creators page and she also works for her homepage. Elmindreda of Hypercube also. There are 7+ people in each of both groups and only one girl, and the girl catches the role of the webmistress, that's what I see! Many females want to be web developers, I think that they love it. A final statistic about their class. Most females are gfxists, that's what I see. I haven't seen many musicians. I could say that the number of girls signed up as coders is very close to the number of female scene musicians.

The first cool computer girl I discovered was Eugenia. She is not in the scene but she knows and likes the demoscene. You may remember her from her article about BeOS in a Pain issue. I was amazed that a girl was a fan of an alternative and not so known OS (less known than Linux, which is very famous/hyped now). The second hit was on her personal page: a list of her favourite programmers! All these signs and that I found her on csipd showed to me that she must be what I was thinking! And that's for sure now, I know! She lives in England and the funny thing is that she is from Greece! So I discovered a very good female computer freak from my country!!! (Pou mou krivosouna esy? :))

In the same period I found Mermaid after she had signed in my old guestbook. Well, my guestbook was lame, so I got an email from her. It was about many mistakes I had included in my old Introduction to Demoscene page. At the beginning I was confused, she had signed as Mermaid / Scoopex / Crest / Creators / Bandwagon. I thought that there were many people or groups who were signing, they had seen my mistakes and decided to write me an email. Well, I know, it was kinda stupid, I already knew that Scoopex and Crest were famous groups but somehow my mind was confused!

After that I understood that she was only one person, she mostly does cool gfx (a lot of work!), she writes some music on C64 or Amiga and she even codes Asm on C64! Coding z80 asm is still a little hard for me (But wait for some blocky plasmas and fires on CPC!) and when I think about Mermaid and the demos and games (a preview) she has coded I feel full of awe! And she can do solo prods!!! She writes decent music, does some cool gfx and codes something in Asm and voilą! I think I must have seen 2 or more solo C64 demos from Mermaid! Ok, don't expect rotozoomers or bump mapping, but...

Btw, what I love is her gfx, they give many positive points to her productions. Her last production I got was a preview of her first attempt to make a game. There were some very cool gfx, some birds or wolves which had really cool animations, all very well designed! Anyway, this preview is not yet on her page, wait for an update. I got it from her mailing list. Some other things: she is now also in a NES group called Retrocoders. On her page I also saw some Atari ST gfx. She is also interested in the CPC and Spectrum scenes. Amazing! The funniest thing is that I haven't seen such an obsession of a male scener. Now tell me. Have you seen such an obsession? I don't think so. Go look at that girl! She is interested in many machines (except PC :)), she is in 5 groups and on 4 computers now, she is mostly doing gfx and some music, she has a big gallery of pixeled gfx for various machines (Lots of good work! When has she done all these?), she also codes Asm on C64 and she can do solo prods! And just look at the number of projects she has in her mind, they are too many (check her interview in Gfx-zone). When is she gonna do all these?! Have I forgot anything? I hope not, but these facts I've presented show it all. A female scener and what a scener!

Ok, I stop here. Sorry for writing too much, but I couldn't be more brief with Mermaid. :)

Ok, I will just continue as briefly as I can with some other info and links. But I will speak first about coding girls. There are many other girls, some identifying themselves as coders, but I don't know any more about them apart from what I see at Ojuice. Perhaps they are real female computer freaks, I wish I knew more about them. Btw, so far I have only seen coding work from Mermaid and Leia (a Visual Basic intro called Heart), I don't have any demo or any other program from other females.

There was a female called Clary who owned an Amiga and she was supposed to be a coder. But she is retired as I see in Ojuice. So, perhaps she coded something for Amiga in the older times, who knows...

Another girl I have in my mind is Elmindreda - perhaps because she defines herself as coder, perhaps because I also read some things about how she and her coding friend met the demoscene, perhaps because I found her also on the V2OS page defining herself as Win32/C++ freak and coding the 32bit API of this OS. I haven't seen any democoding from her yet. Recently they participated in Remedy2000 with a demo but it wasn't available via ftp the last time I checked. I think I have downloaded as many Hypercube demos as I could from Hornet, but I am waiting for an update of the Hypercube page. (Hmm, I should have a girl in my future group too to get more attention on it and our prods! Amazing!!! :))

I also remember a C++ coding girl in a list with QBasic programmers at Neozones. She was nicknamed Clemensa aka Sarah but she said that she coded on C++ and she just decided to be put in this list even if she didn't have anything to do with it. Btw, the NeoZones list has meanwhile been remade and there is no Clemensa anymore there. :( I liked when she wrote there: "I wish I could see more coding girls." There are more girls signed up as coders at Ojuice or other places like Leia/Squirrelz with her Visual Basic, Venus (Or is it Venusia?), Virtual Reality, Crevette, perhaps some girls on Spectrum, on the CPC there is Mad/Overlanders who is Shap's sister and I have learned that she is retired now (I hope for a comeback!). Btw, Eugenia codes too, but I haven't seen anything from her yet.

Oh, this article is gonna be too big! (Sorry, but I always write too much. Don't make the bad mistake to email me. :)) Ok, let's continue. Hmm, I am just listening to some modules on WinAmp while writing this article and Eternity is just being played. So it's time to tell you about Lluvia. She must be the most famous PC scener according to the charts of an older Hugi issue. She is a musician from France and I love her music too. I downloaded Eternity from the THS page and I like it very much. She is a very good musician. (Btw,. what's going on with THS? I hope that it will open again until this article is published! We want more reviews!!!)

Another famous musician girl is Nogsf. I think that she is is in more than one group and she is one of the girls remaining in my mind because she seems very active and I see her at many parties in Slengpung. (Well, other girls remaining in my mind because of their presence at parties must be the girls from Squirrelz, Leia, Peaky and Alv. Perhaps some other girls too...)

Btw, on her page there are links to pages of some other females, many of these could be sceners. There are also some photos of sceners and parties. I once found a link to a photo of two female sceners called Indhra and Alcina. Unfortunately exactly THIS link was not working (Damn! The laws of Murphy hit me again... I am waiting desperately for an update. :))

Other females that may be famous in the scene, because I have seen them in a Hugi "Best girls chart", because I hear their names more than the others or for other reasons must be these: Manka, Malon, Bonnie, Bookie, Jessika, Miss Saigon, Fashion, Samanta (Traven's sister, that's why I thought she would be known too ;)).

Some final stuff now. They are some other females at Ojuice and I don't know anything about them but for some reasons they remain in my mind too. Perhaps because they look nice in the photos. :) For some other reasons too.

Lately I have found a very nice looking girl, she is French and called Crevette. She hasn't written which group she belongs to (if any). But the strangest thing there was that she has declared herself as a

member of every demoscene class there is at Ojuice! From coder, gfx, msx to swap, sys and whatever else exists!!! Strange. (Well, if you have the real obsession you can be everything on the computer, but...) I hope that it is not a joke. It seems more real when I see answers to the questions she gave there on people. They seem logical. And of course I try to believe that it is real...

Ok, another paragraph just for one girl. Who's next? Why am I writing whatever comes in my mind and why is there no real structure in my article? Anyway, I have downloaded a demo from Eclipse (Teddybear's Revenge rules!) called Lisa. It was supposed to be dedicated to female sceners. Look what was written in the doc file.

"What is LISA
Just for desing and fun, lisa is decicaced to all the women which understand the demo passion
But I don't know, she is a Mythe or a reality
lisa is for the others ones, all the great one, Lisa Stanfield AHHhhhh!!!....,
Lisa Lisa, Sade, etc ..."

Hmm, who really is Lisa? Lisa Stanfield. None of the female sceners I have found is named Lisa Stanfield, at least from these whose names are listed at Ojuice or somewhere else. I searched just for fun on ICQ for Lisa Stanfield and I have found 3 of them! Who knows... She has really become a myth now with this demo! :)

Now that I have mentioned Lisa, I remembered another Lisa. I don't know what she knows about the demoscene, what she is doing now on computers, if she is programming or doing something else, but I bet that she has enough patience to do some real works on computers. I discovered her after playing a Doom Wad called Soldier of Fortune. She signed in the nfo file as Lisa Moore aka Madpup. It was a big Wad with a cool architecture, some new gfx, mostly just text on the wall to help us on our quest. The funniest thing is that it is the perhaps hardest Wad I have played (and not because of 30 Cyberdemons in a big arena, but because of logical fights). It was especially hard because it had also some riddles, or you should run from one room to another very fast for new places to open! I have found the Wad on a page called Ricrob's place where he offers some of the best Doom Wads in his collection. Her Wad appears among the Wads of some of the most famous Doom editors. This Wad seemed to me like having been made too by some of these cool guys. But I was amazed at seeing it having been done by a girl! And she says that it was her first level!!! Doom editing requires enough patience. Especially doing such Wads! If you wanna play her Wad, I will give you a zip to download at the end of this article.

Still one more paragraph just for one girl? What could I do? These girls do amazing stuff! I couldn't be more brief when talking about them. :) So I think that this is the last paragraph. I sometimes find girls in our CPC scene. I know Angela Cook, Mad and Hirojuki. I have told you that Mad wanted to be a coder, about the others I don't know. Angela Cook writes articles for WACII but I don't have info about Hirojuki (who looks really nice in the photos though :)). I think I have found a girl on Speccy too. It has been in a new demo from the UK, made by 2 people - one of them was a girl!

And the final information about individual computer girls before I talk about girl groups. Girls in Greece. Ok, this is mainly interesting for the Greek readers of Hugi. I have already talked to you about Eugenia. She is definitely the best! Btw, I have found some girls in the PC Master Forum. (PC Master is a Greek PC magazine.) The most famous of them is Bezalel. She writes that she does some X-Files art. Check her page. When she appeared in the Forum many people were becoming crazy with her. :) At least I can see the same madness I'm afflicted by in some other freaks as well.

In the forum I have seen also some interesting girls like Hydrogenia or Joanna. Joanna had started a thread about girls and computers and it was very interesting for me to read and write in it. There were some people who were dazzled as they saw a computer girl (or gamer, as someone said!) for the first time! But I gave them a lot of info and links like I am doing in this article. I just can't imagine how even more dazzled they will look after reading that! :) Some other funny things are that some guys were telling stories of girls beating them in Diablo or Quake. :) One was talking about a girl called Ristar in Diablo and another guy talked about his impression of a girl called Andromeda, who is a very beautiful girl being so good at Quake! I remember finding a shy girl in the very old PC Master Forum (called Maria I think?) and a girl called Blue Suzzane who made all the other people crazy again! It was very funny, someone made jokes like: "What are your qualifications? I have a Pentium 100Mhz, 16MB Ram, etc. :)" Another guy was wondering what the English word for xilopita was. (Well, I can't find the real word either...)

Other Greek girls coming. There is also a hardcore Linux girl (Hello Voulariba!) from www.eeea.gr. Another girl called Sofia visited the same site. I know also a girl called Brain who has a page with funny anti-Microsoft pics and computer jokes!

A female who pops into my mind is Venix. She was supposed to be the first female Greek Hacker (Hacking is a phenomenon I am a little sceptic about, at least in its current form... but that's for another article). I saw a page she had hacked, she had even put her photo onto the hacked page! Strange? Btw, I have discovered that she is now working for X-treme, the first free ISP in Greece, and she also writes for another Greek page called Alternative Factor.

There was also a girl called Koutsobola writing for an old Greek webpage about hacking. But most of the Greek girls I found could be described as users/gamers. I don't know, maybe I just haven't learned more about them or they haven't shown their abilities yet. Only Bezalel seemed to me to be a little more advanced than the common users because of some articles she had written for PCM. I don't know much about Venix (in an interview she said that she isn't good at programming except JavaScript). But some of them show that they like spending much time in front of their computers. Eugenia is the best computer girl from Greece I can think of right now. Btw, sometimes I see other females writing for Greek computer magazines. A statistic in PC Master has shown that almost 10% of the readers are females. There must be many more female computer fans out there. Well, some may be rather gamers and users, I guess few are into the more 'inside' things about computers, but still. So until the years passes I will find much more girls on computers, even some really cool girls too!

Let's move on to the groups. Female groups? Demogroups, hacking groups? What's all about that? Do you believe that girls can form a group? Who is gonna code, you tell me? Well, that's the first thing I wonder when I discover a female-only demogroup. But there are many girl coders out there and I don't find coding that hard as it seems, even for girls. (Especially when I discover girls who work a lot and have a lot of patience with computers.)

The first girl group I heard about was Eve. I had visited Lluvia's page and learned about this. I remembered that it was Bonnie or Malon who would do the group with Lluvia? Perhaps I was remembering false info? Someone told me that it was Nogsf. I don't know more about the project. Lluvia's page only had a link for downloading an MP3 and nothing else when I visited it last time.

The first female demogroup from which I have seen some things is Squirrelz. Three Norwegian girls called Leia, Peaky and Alv had had the idea to found it. Well, they released a Visual Basic 64kb intro (coded by Leia) but don't expect that much, it just uses functions for filled circles, lines, etc. like I did when I was learning QBasic. :) Yet it's interesting to see female demogroups in the scene!

Btw, there is a group called Kiki Productions. The name made me think that it had been founded by girls. There were 2 girls called Trussi and Bunny in this group, both graphicians. But there was a male coder too. So it's the non-girls-only group with the largest number of females in it! Perhaps the 2 girls had founded it alone and then they needed a coder? Who knows...

Do you know what must be the oldest female group on the whole demoscene? I will tell you. But if there is an older female group than this, just tell me! I was just looking at the archive of Spectrum World searching for some Fatality demos (Hey man, I have seen your really nice demo called Nerve for Gameboy but no works of yours for Spectrum. Update your page!) when I found a demo from a group called Knuckle Girls! And then I found another demo from them, which looks like the first one though. A pic and a scroller. In their scroller they say: "The very first Speccy demo from Knuckle Girls, UK's only all girl demogroup (and possibly of the whole world)..." So that must be the first girl demogroup ever! Their demos are called Popsnog and Vaseline, I found them both on Spectrum World. They were done on 1994. Amazing!

And the last girl group I know is a hacking group from Greece called Femine Fatale (I shouldn't have mentioned the name of this group to my friend Peter aka Antitec when he was drinking water, he sprayed it all over the place :)). It is supposed to be a group of two girls who wanted to be hackers or something but I don't know anything about them! Even Koutsobola begged from them to send her an email, but she said that she never received one...

I am finished with the introduction to the most important info I know about female computer entities. I think that I have found too many of it hiding around on the net. I hope this was interesting to you. Now I am thinking, this info would be interesting to the female sceners too, perhaps even more. They would like too much to know about other girls obsessed with computers. What's going on in the female computer scene or something...

In the beginning I wanted to write some thoughts about "Why there are much fewer girls into computers than men" but it's a simple... or a hard thing to answer. Simple because somebody could say that the computer is a man's hobby, that girls are not as suitable for these things as men, etc. - hard because I wouldn't like to give such a simple answer, but I haven't thought about this yet. So I won't answer. I will answer another question. What do computer girls look like? They look to me like girls in real life! I will tell you something: The funny thing is that we name ourselves computer freaks or freaks in general. Ok, perhaps too many hours of computing make us not look after our appearance, as some "get a life" guys tend to say. Some also say that computer freaks are people who are fat and wear glasses! And that they spend a lot of time in front of computers trying to give a meaning to their "empty" life. I just laugh when I hear all this. You know who is saying all this, many people may have encountered this species I call "get a life" guys. Ok, it is a fact that sometimes we need to sit too many hours in front of our computers, so that we can do all these amazing things they see in demos, games or other programs. But I don't feel that we are abnormal. We are humans too, just like them but with an alternative hobby. Many people have alternative beliefs, hobbies, passions, thoughts about life and they are called not "normal" because they differ! But I don't care about being normal - who defines what's "normal"? (Perhaps it's the big mass of common humans who follow the role of the "normal" human, because they are afraid of being called abnormal...) Who tells me that I must be normal and then defines what normal is? (So he defines what I should be like as a human without knowing me and why everybody should be like this...)

Ok, ok... enough with this. I am off-topic again, but I've shared with you some other thoughts about The Myth of the Freak (Wait for an article in Ovation 6 for that!). Ok, let's go back to the actual subject. Most of the computer girls I have discovered are sceners. When I find somebody who knows the demoscene I feel that he/she must be a real computer freak, more real than some of my friends who don't code and just play Quake or chat on the internet. It's the first sign that he/she knows more about computers. That's why I think that the people list at Ojuice is a good statistical(!) sample of the real computer freaks. And most females I have found are from there and with some photos too. So it's a good specimen to look at. And I see that they are like the girls in the real world! They are nice looking girls (Ok, you will not see the plethoric blond girl with some curves which have no limits coding an innovative raycaster, but...). There are good looking, average and not good looking girls, like in the real world. And btw, all the people from Ojuice, party photos, etc. look ok and cool. They are normal humans like all the others. But who cares about that, who cares about statistics, who cares about what they say? We know what we are, I know what I am, you know who you are, girl sceners know who they are. We are just a big party of humans who enjoy doing stuff with computers. A hobby that is a little different and rather rare but that doesn't make us abnormal. Well, ok. To be honest perhaps there are some disadvantages of being a computer freak, disadvantages that changes some things about ourselves that make them say so. But we are not fat people with even fatter glasses! It's lame that they think of us as some extraterrestrial beings and not humans.

The more lines I write, the more do I see that I am off-topic, and I am getting more anxious about that after each line. But anyway, I will stop here. I have said that female computer entities look like all the other girls of the world. Good looking, average looking and not that good looking. Just this. The other big part of this paragraph was about my ranting about the Myth of the Freak as I like to call it.

And there is something else I forgot. If you think that computer freaks are "abnormal", then you should know that I sympathize too much the "abnormal" humans!

Now I will tell you something. First I know that perhaps the syntax of this article was not the best one and that I dissipated from the subject twice, but sometimes I was in a hurry to finish this article. The good fact is that it doesn't matter, because you have surely got all this nice info and thoughts about female computer entities. The next paragraph is really, really, really the last (I hope) of this article! (Amen.)

I remember the time when I was writing in the message box of Ojuice things like "coding girls rules", "We want more Sparc girls", etc. (Btw, Ojuice is my favourite demoscene page, especially because of the people list, groups list, the funny message box and news! Great database of our demoscene!) In that time, after my postings, a girl wrote to the message box: "Who do you think we girls are?". This message was probably directed to me because I was writing most of this stuff. But I don't know if somebody had written something negative about girls on the same day and the message was supposed to be for him. Anyway. I don't think anything negative about girls, I could say I think just the opposite. You must have learned my passion for computer girls if you read these lines. It's just like this. That's why I wrote these things at Ojuice, sometimes just for fun too. Many people may find this passion strange. Something I like about myself is that I am not afraid of showing my "weird" self. At least not so much afraid as some other people who may hide their real self inside them. If there are other people who would like to see computer females very much, they just don't show it as much as I do. That's why I seem crazier about this, that's why I wrote such messages on Ojuice and that's why I wrote this article! But I admit that sometimes I was a little exaggerated with this passion. I haven't done anything bad with my obsession, but I will tell you why I say this. Every time a girl decides to do a man's thing, she gets a lot of attention, sometimes people act like crazy. I haven't seen this so much in our demoscene but I have encountered this in the PC Master Forum. But I thought that perhaps some girls would be embarrassed because of the lot of attention they get. I don't know how girls feel about my doings or even how they will feel after reading this article. Some girls will feel ok or even cool about all these things, but some others will be embarrassed, I don't know. And it depends on the attention you pay to them. Some attention is good but a lot is not that good. I just don't know. I apologize if I made you feel something negative with my attention/passion. I think that perhaps it was my attention to these girls that made her to write this message to Ojuice. Perhaps something else. Who knows...

The funniest thing is that even though I was feeling that perhaps some girls would be embarrassed because of this article, I wrote it because I really, really wanted to do so. It's like a tribute to the female computer entities, I wanted to share my info and thoughts with other sceners who might be interested and I would like very much to write it and see it published! There is another tribute to them that I will be started in my folder called Dreams. But I will start it once I will have learned a lot more things about coding, it's one of my projects for the very remote future, projects that are like dreams right now, I want and hope that it will be perfect! So this will be many years later. Until then I will try not to exaggerate my passion. But some will say: "Why do you have so exaggerated thoughts about what you are doing? You haven't done anything bad with your passion and I don't see a sick passion, it's a normal passion, you just show your sympathy with computer girls and you are rather funny than bad with it. The girls are not embarrassed because of what you do and because of this article..." Why am I saying these things? Ok, I just wanted to say that, after then I will not make such a big tribute to the girls again, that it's not in my plans. But perhaps I just wanted to make a preview of a far-future big project I have only in my mind now... (So it was a commercial. :))

I have to end this thing now, it's time to close. The thing that is more on my mind right at this moment is not if some girls are embarrassed but if some other girls are angry because I didn't write a whole paragraph about them :), or didn't mention anything special about them, or because I just put them or didn't even put them on the list! If you want to mail me for such reasons, that's good. I would surely want to receive an email from a yet unknown computer girl and make my list bigger! I would surely want to discover another female computer entity. If you also want to say something else good or bad write me an email too. Not only females but also males :) Every feedback or feedforward about this article is welcome!

Michael Kargas aka Optimus/Dirty Minds

P.S.1 And I hope that I will meet many of you sometime at some demoparties!

P.S.2 And no! I said 2 paragraphs ago that that would be the last paragraph. Hehe, let's consider the last two big things you have seen not paragraphs but they the proepilogue and the epilogue (lol! I can't even be accurate about what I plan to do...).

P.S.3 Whoever doesn't like postscripts goto P.S.3 (damned to infinite loop :)).


Did I say something about some list? I mean in the last paragraph (the epilogue!). Hey, I forgot it. The list with every female computer entity I could gather! Now you have it right here:

From our demoscene: Acid Girl/Natural Born Hackers, Akasha/Antichok, Alcina, Alv/Squirrelz, Amnesia, Angela Cook, Aru, Bebe, Blacklady, Bonnie, Bookie, Bunny/Kiki Productions, Cara/Tish, Carmilla/Doh, Cindy/Talent, Clary, Crevette, Dj Pudding, Elmindreda/Hypercube, EmmaIV/Sorrox, Fashion, Felicia, Hirojuki/HJT, Indhra, Jessika, Kiliana, Kisu, Lea aka Jil/Popsy Team, Leia/Squirrelz, Lisa Stanfield (aka the Myth :)), Lluvia/Bomb, Luna, Mad/Overlanders, Malon, Manka, Mav/Equinox, Mermaid / Crest / Creators / Scoopex / Bandwagon / Retrocoders / ...... / ..... / (I hope for a CPC group here...), Milie/CIA, Mona Lisah/Trax In Space, Mrs_black, Miss Saigon, Nogsf/Kamelite/Level-D, Peaky/Squirrelz, Rebix, Samanta, Shortie, Special_k, Squirrel/Anarchy, Starlight/Extacy, Sunny / Nuance, Tassle, Tatanka, Trussi/Kiki Productions, Venus, Venusia, Virtual Reality.

From many of them I don't remember the group they belong to. Perhaps there are also some errors... Hehe, while searching Ojuice for some info and another female scener I had seen but whose nickname I hadn't remembered, I found 5+ new females!!! And the funniest thing is that I couldn't found the girl I was searching. (But now I discover that the girl I was searching is already on the list!) Who knows how much more girls there exist. I haven't searched all the people. I usually see a nickname that sounds like a girl nickname. Who knows how much more... I will do a massive search when I find some time... it would be interesting to put my list somewhere at my website!

Computer girls who are not sceners (they may know the demoscene, but I haven't discovered them as sceners...): Clemensa aka Sarah, Eugenia (I put her here instead of just in the Greek list, because she is more known on an international scale than in my country. And because she deserves being mentioned here!), Lisa Moore aka Madpup.

From the Greek side: Andromeda (I oraia Quakou! :)), Bezalel, Blue Suzane, Brain, Eugenia (H www.eugenia.co.uk, to leo afto giati yparxoun polles Eugenies), Hydrogenia, Joanna, Koutsobola, Maria (Tora pia Maria tha mou peis? Les kai yparxoun polles Maries :)), Ristar (The Diablo killer girl! :)), Sofia (Kai polles Sofies! Apo tin EEEA), Venix, Voulariba (Apo tin EEEA episis).

The girls-only groups I have heard about: Eve, Femine Fatale, Knuckle girls, Squirrelz.

And as I said, I am sorry if you are not in the list. Probably I haven't had the luck to discover you somewhere hidden at Ojuice or Slengpung or anywhere else. About many of the girls in the list I don't even know what they are doing. Some people just told me their nicknames! They are not at Ojuice. If you are not on the list tell me if you want. I will publish the same article on my webpage as soon as this Hugi issue comes into my hands, so I can change the info in it every time I want on my page. Ok, enough! I had some fun and excitement writing this article. I hope that you had the same by reading it...

Hey and please mail me and help me make this list bigger if you want! Whoever knows of more computer girls is welcome...

Oh, my god! Almost forgot something other important. Just take a zip with some few girl stuff I have gathered for you. Some of Mermaid's demos and other prods + the preview of her first attempt to code a game on C64, Fortune Wad for Doom2 from Lisa Moore, Heart demo of Squirrelz, the two demos from the first ever girl only group on Spectrum, the Knuckle girls!

P.S.5 I hope that you people in the Hugi staff are not pissed because of such big articles! I hope the same for the readers. :) And btw, don't remove the postscripts from the articles, but if you do, then don't remove please the list, I want it to be published, that's why I write it! I know that this list would be very important and interesting to many sceners, even female ones. (I bet it would be very interesting to them to see how many they are. :))