More Coding Articles Wanted!

Dear Readers,

I want to express a sincere plea today.

From the feedback you send us, we know that the articles in the coding section are especially interesting for many among you. I am aware that a lot of you even read Hugi mainly because of its programming and computer-science related articles which distinguish it from all the other demoscene media. You are interested in learning about new systems, algorithms and techniques, theory and hints on how to implement it, programming computer graphics, sound, compression methods, and optimizing code. And you've come to regard Hugi as a useful source for such information, which, in contrast to scientific journals, makes use of a loose, humorous and thus easier-to-read style.

We have always tried to offer you a large number of quality articles in the coding corner of every issue, but as a free, non-profit magazine entirely created on a voluntary basis, we face certain problems which commercial magazines do not have. All people who contribute articles to us are volunteers coming from our readership. We cannot "order" articles like staffs of commercial magazines do, but we can only publish articles which our readers write and send to us.

Despite these problems Hugi has been steadily developing to a quality magazine. In order to make the contents of its coding corner yet more interesting, I invite you to take part in Hugi. You certainly have knowledge which other people would enjoy reading about. In case you want to have some inspiration, you can check out a list of topics which the members of the Hugi news mailing-list expressed interested in. But I am sure that there are a lot of issues which would be worth writing about as well.

If you have a special interest, but do not feel like writing about it yet, I also welcome you to tell me about it. If you like, I will pass it on to people who might be ready to elaborate on these topics.

Let's join forces to make the coding corner of Hugi pleasant to read for every one of us.

Adok/Hugi - 19 Dec 2000