Shine in crisis

Stonda/Extended Mind

Are those Replay guys going to find a new editor for their diskmag? I hope so. If not, then another diskmag will have disappeared. Maybe I might do something about this matter - although I should be writing a couple of articles for *insert-the-name-of-the-diskmag* and some texts for my homepage. (It has been under construction for about 7 months.) And Shine doesn't have such a good interface as Hugi. (Say thanks to Chris.) But every diskmag is important for the scene. Every single one has its own opinion of all the things. Diskmags represent at least some form of freedom of speech. (As long as articles don't contain any racist stuff or something which violates the human rights.)

And was it Pain which also had a crisis a while ago?
I don't recall it.
Oh hell, who cares?
Pain is doing great. Notepad... (I don't use MSWord) ModPlug Player... (check playlist... it's ok.)

Heavenly music is coming straight into my brain.
It fills every cell in my body.
Now I'm satisfied... I'm in the mood of writing MY articles.
Should I write an article for *insert-the-name-of-the-diskmag*?
Dammit... what should I write?
This is the question I hate.

Maybe this was an important message which concerns all diskmags around the world.
Why are we so lazy?
Diskmags need article writers to keep them alive.
We don't understand it and then do nothing about it.
And then we wonder why that diskmag died.
Because we were so lazy.
Don't screw up.
Write articles.

Stonda/Extended Mind
Toni Saarikko