Do I need diskmags?

Stonda/Extended Mind

I've been reading diskmags about 2.5 years now and I think diskmags are an important source of information to me. It's useful to know what has happened in the scene and check all those tutorials for some useful techniques. And you usually get some good music with them. But do I really need them? I can get the info from the Internet. I can get music from the Internet. Why am I still reading them? Because mags simply have their own magic which keeps you reading the text from the monitor. Maybe it's easier to read the info in mags than search hours for some news from the Internet. That's why all those main/co-editors are doing an important job. So we can get our information in one firm package. Humans are always curious. ( least I'm.)

And here I am: writing an article for a diskmag which is my source of information. Is this some kind of social movement? Some people have to write for a diskmag to keep it up. So, I'm contributing my part now. Could you do the same?

The answer is: I need diskmags!

Stonda/Extended Mind
Toni Saarikko