Three demomakers and a flat

The Prophet of Noir-et-blanc

After Buenzli, three demomakers went to a flat in Lausanne/CH to spend there the week until Evoke. As you can imagine, the demomakers sooner or later got bored of drinking and watching demos, and what did they decide to do? Make a demo. Their problem was, however: their main activities in the scene were making graphics, music and writing. There was no "real" scene coder! But they had a little Watcom package, and their musician knew a little about programming, as he was studying computer science. So they started making the demo - for DOS, under a ModeX with a resolution of 640x400 pixels and 256 colours, with only 2d effects. Three days later it was time for two of the demomakers to leave for Evoke. They took the unfinished demo with them.

The demo won Evoke2k.

Of course I'm talking about true by "Haujobb vs. Calodox", or let's better say: Fred/Calodox, Melwyn/Haujobb, ps/Calodox, and Xhale/Miasmah (who wasn't present at the flat, tho). It starts off with a zooming and vibrating mesh-thingy with the credits enclosed, the only thing that got some real colours. The rest is entirely grayscale, probably to avoid ugly colours due to the limited screen mode.

The main part of the demo could be called a "new-skool scroller", similar to the demo UPUP by Vectors, which was presented at the same day at another party (Fiasko2k): A huge image of a width of several screens is displayed in the background. It slowly scrolls from left to right. At the same time various effects are displayed on it. It's mainly rotation and zooming, images that suddenly pop up, stretching, vibrating and the like. This all is accompanied by very faint music.

Even the makers are surprised that this demo won. Was it due to a "Namevoting Orgasm", as Otis put it - were simply too many Haujobb affiliates and fans at the party? Or were they just impressed that Melwyn could code a demo? (...and that ps could make music?)

Or was it really better than the other demos? Did the audience like the design so much? (Seffren: "It's a pretty interesting demo tho.. I'd take it over any recent design demo. ;D")

"We never did this demo with the aim of winning anything. But it's rather frustrating.. :) You spend lot of time on other prods.. and do a small one and win", commented Fred.

Anyway, if you want to see this funny production with two .nfo files, a "ps" and a "real" one, check out, and don't forget: "We are not very good. We are very drunk." (ps)

Adok/Hugi - 22 Aug 2000