Late Night Poetry

by Tomaes / TAP & WildMag Crew

[paralysis at 2:00am]--------------------------

be warned; this could force you, to think..
late at night, at 2:00am

this could force you, to be aware
of all ridiculous thoughts
you had before..

neurasthenia is the virus,
which let you fall in a deep, dark dungeon

a parallel universe,
totally different from any other sound,
you've recognized so far..

many paradoxes are waiting for exploration,
and your will to escape..

fears may rise,
during all these changes,
within all these images
and traps, which silently
appear above your head..

and they may tend to redirect you
to paths, you better don't know about..

risks, fears, chances..
safety has no value any more..
your next step will reach higher grounds
unexpected and never seen before


oh' equalizer,
you can cover all my fear

ugliness & beauty..
unrecognizable blured
by your force

sunrays, particles of utter light
are bleeding me,
and as seconds passing by,
they light my fire

for the hidden ones,
I raise my voice at night
unheard yet, but still I roam and try..

[evil delight]-----------------------------

forms transforming into other forms
splitting light, spectrum waves
heavily, they disappear, and appear
in renewed signs

demanding, crawling, looking for..
for what, I ask..

disabled, enabled..
for what reason, I want to know..

water flows, transporting atomic delight
unseen, when they smash the coast

liquid, subtile, evil flows
teaching us to save the day
and remind us to move on
to undiscovered land..


what do these lines shall tell you..
my failure, I assume..


ghosts are coming
roaming through some fluffy clouds
ignored by our senses
but their energies
flowing among the cosmic dust
are mighty ones
powerful and true

they are touching you
while they're playing
with their forces
not sure about the impact
that their flashes use to have

they don't care about
the meaning and they smile
about the strange taste of
wishes and dreams of strength
and about presentations and masks
hidden frustration
uncured illness
and the eternal wish
of catching a glimpse of immortality

don't confuse them with
your imagination of good and evil
the light skies and dark chambers
they will rushly disappear
and they'll never show their
ever friendly faces again


just one more piece
I offer you

some more
should have
stayed unwritten

don't mind
about any meaning
there is none
you have to care about

or is there something..
between these lines?!

not a real meaning
you could describe
but some kind of feeling
you're not sure about?


pneumatic drills
patient people permanently

pleurisy pretenders
predict painful preventions

people providing
polish plonk praise
perfect potatoes

pregnant poodles
perform polka

(ever tried to write some text,
only using words which start with "p"?!
I see.. not a brilliant idea ;)


an awakening
early in the morning..
some light is touching the surface of your skin

temporarily blind..
your deep slumber has just ended here

for a few seconds only
you can't remember
the date of the day which has just begun

closing your eyes
again.. fading away for a short moment..

someone is telling you about the time
and that you ought to hurry up

damn.. some more seconds please..

by Tomaes / TAP & WildMag Crew