Slash To Freedom


Things go wrong, I make mistakes,
   I feel my wrath inside.
I'm such a bad person I think you'll find
   You'll recoil in suprise.

I suffer at the whim of my mind,
   A mood disorder, no less.
An unstable being, a big mistake,
   But I have found my solace.

When I err or simply find
   This life's too hard to cope.
I have my own release at last,
   A better escape than dope.
It purges my feelings, cleanses my soul,
   Frees the spirit and mind.
An act so appealing, yet seeming so foul,
   It must be one of a kind.

A razor sharp release, an edge so smooth,
   Slices away the pain.
A little blood, the faintest scar,
   But I'm human once again...