My World (Paradise) Lost


Clear your mind of all its thoughts,
Open your inner eyes.
Listen as I describe this world,
Like a vision in the skies...

It once was green and full of life,
A happy place to be.
The woods, fields and hills I roamed,
A happy soul - and free.

Then the sky it darkened,
The storm began to come.
This little child was fightened
But had nowhere to run.

My sacred haven, my paradise,
Became so foul so fast...
A deathly fog choked all the life
The good times weren't to last.
Howling wings and falling rain,
The world changed from green to grey.
I stumbled, fell and broke my life
I'd never see the light of day.

I'm broken, torn and shattered,
A cadaver for all to see.
Trapped in my world still on the ground
I cry, I weep, I bleed.

Will the storm pass by someday,
This planet revitalise?
I can only hope and pray,
Look for blessings in disguise...