Hugi Writing Compo Conclusion

Dario Phong/Hugi

The Hugi Writing Compo was held between February and June. From Feb 05 to April 12 the entries were presented, from April 12 to June 12 the votesheets could be sent. 7 writers decided to compete, and here are the final results:

 1. Spreading the word about the scene
    by Seven [The extremely weird XYZ]

 2. Give a newbie a break...
    by Dante^Icarus [Neon Jam]

 2. the oldskool way of life
    by BloB [pLOp]

 4. A thought for parties
    by Spock [S. Jenkins]

 5. Hello, world..
    by slash //secular [down_the_knee]

 6. The Forge of the Demoscene
    by Adok [theRaPist-213]

 7. The first cult of the demoscene?
    by Fru Inka [Harry Sonford]

11 people voted.

Before trying to analyze those results, I want to thank all the writers for their articles, without them this compo wouldn't have been possible. Also thanks to the voters. And also some thanks to Adok for his help on the organization (I'm new to this, and I don't have much time).

At the first glance this may seem disappointing, but there are some statistics which couldn't be gathered, the number of readers. So, we got 7 articles. I would say that at least three of them of high quality. The articles were good then.

But then let's look at the total number of voters. The lack of feedback for demoscene productions is widely known (you may think that's my favourite topic for articles, but it isn't ;-)), so why would this compo be different and get a lot of votesheets? Maybe the fact that this is a new competition made it difficult.

But there are other reasons too. Most of the votesheets we get for Hugi come from the online vote system, and just a few ones come from filling the text votesheet and sending it through email. Obviously if someone votes online, they haven't read the articles yet. Later when they have, they don't care about coming back and filling the online votesheets. So we only have the votes from the "traditional" way, which as I've said, are just a few.

Maybe we should have uploaded the online votesheet after the release Hugi 20. That way people could have voted. However, that poses a little problem, they may not remember the articles quite well.

Anyway it seems to me that the real solution to this problem can't come from us, but rather from you. If you don't vote, it doesn't matter how easy we made it.

All these question lead to another one, should the hwc be held again? I'd say that it should! In Adok's words "we got some very good articles, we should do this more often". Which brings another question, how often should it be held? From the current one we see that the voting system should be slighty changed.

In fact as long as we have writers, we can keep it! ;-) But please, next time bother filling the votesheet.

As a conclusion I'll say that the writers did a good job, but that the voters didn't. And also that I had a nice time reading the articles. So thanks everybody and see you in the next Hugi Writing Compo!

Dario Phong^Hugi, Barcelona 3-July-2000