Make your own Y2K CD Thing (Y2KCDT)

v0id / AMC / Keitai Design

Today we gonna learn to make your own Y2K CD Thing.

I got some great tips for all of you who got too many CDs.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those CDs you get from all computer magazines with some shareware? When I "cleaned" my CD collection, I found 10 CDs and I was sure I would never need them, so I almost threw them away. But then something stroke me. Can't I do something nice of those CD? And of course I could.

This is what you will need: at least 2 CDs, glue of any kind, as long as it doesn't melt plastic, some kind of transparent thread, like a fishing line, and a 1-millimeter drill.

Ok, take the two CDs and put some glue on the "painted" side of the CDs. Press them together, wait until the glue is fixed. When this is done, take the drill and make a hole (take a look at the picture). After that you take the fishing line and make a knot on one of the ends. Then put the line towards the hole. Now you got your own Y2K CD Thing.

After that all you need is just to hang that cool thing in the window. If you want it to look even nicer, then just take a small spotlight, and place it towards the CD. Try different colors of light.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will try this tip out.

v0id / AMC / Keitai Design