Casual writing: sitting.

Dario Phong/Hugi

Casual writing is the perfect excuse. I don't have to planify. I don't have to think twice. I don't have to proofread it. I only have to type. Type what comes to my mind. In the order that it comes. It's easy. It's fast. It's good? Some people claim that it's good. Some people like it. Do I? Not really. But I'm too tired to planify everything. To write down all the topics. To sort them. To think about the terms. To start writing following the topic. Caring about the previous and next topic. To may everything link. Let the read flow in the text with no disturb. From one word to another. From one to idea to another. Paragraphs. Topics. Ideas. Claims.

But well. That's faster. One could say that this is the tricky way. I would say that it's the "may be" way. Because may be you end with a good article.

You thought that writing articles was easy. I say you that this is not. You can trust me. You can believe me. You can also decide to not do so. Writing is something else than typing. A text is more than a bunch of ideas. Not to mention the fact that it should talk about a given topic. Otherwise you end up with something chaotic. You may try to hide behind "new" terms like "fractal writing". You may try to convince of your good intentions. But this doesn't work. Or does it? what do you think? What? I see. That's an article. You should not talk with an article. What will your mother think? You like reading. For any reason you do.

Some people sit with something to drink. Then they let the article do the rest. Lazy reading. Others prefer thinking while reading. Intellectual reading. Some other doesn't read. Shit! We can't dub this if they don't read. Ok, you learned english. You thought it would help. It was just another subject. You wanted to read in english. English came to you. No matter how, you already know. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this now! ha ha, gotcha. You are reading because you think it can help improving your english. However it's not very good to think that you read this only because you want to improve your english.

You are reading this, ok. This can be assumed. What else can I assume. You are reading Hugi. Therefore you like Hugi. May be you dislike it. You like reading it while thinking "how bad is this". But what about if you like it. Have you read more emags? Have you read more articles. If you have then you probably alread noticed that this article has no main topic. In fact it has not point. No point at all. Jumping randomly from one word to another. But it's not my fault. I already warned you at the start of the article. Casual. It was an excuse. It was a motivation. Who knows?

Having no inspiration is that the wost that can happen. It's like no having a dick. It's like no having money. It's like standing in the middle of a maze. In that situations you can do something else. If you like working and you are really out of inspiration you can start talking about your lost inspiration. Or you can do an article in casual style.

Casual style articles are like party-coding intros. They are not the best you can find. But for any reason you still like them. They are fast. Fast to write. Fast to read. Easy to read? Sometimes. They don't have big dilemmas. You can now do whatever you want without feeling guilty. There's no pressure. You are not enocouraged. You are not flamed. You are not. That is. That would be a kind of lazy-casual-reading.

And here it is the point of it. Yes. After more than 3k of bullshit I get to the point. However I'm not bad. I'm not going to make last too long. However I'm not good. It's not going to last too long. But this is not the point. Again fractal style? I hear the public speak. They say: "You, go to the point!" "what are you waiting for?" "Please, where's the toilet?"

Ok. Don't worry. The point of it. After writing random it came to my mind. The inspiration comes from something. But no way I'm going to delete the pre-insiration part. It would be too short. The point of it. he he. you are expecting it. Aren't you? Well, here it goes. For any reason we sometimes just sit and expect the world happen.

Lazyness? May be. But not totally. We learned that we just have to sit, wait and let it happen. Sitting like if nothing was going to happen. No need to do anything. Like if the clouds had exciting tales to say. And you think this is stupid. Clouds? Dario, I thought you were a little bit more intelligent. Clouds doesn't speak. They don't tell any tales. Ok. But then why do you sit and wait until they do? I could put a lot of examples. You wake up. Go to the university. Sit and stare at the teacher. Like if this was going to be enough. You think you'll learn. But you only sit. And wait there. While waiting for this to happen you start to stare at this beatiful girl. You think that just staring at her is going to be enough. Enough to make all your dreams come true. Come back home. You are listening music. Expecting the rythm to be with you. Like if you were going to be the best dancer. Radio gets boring. You turn on tv. You hear to a lot of different tales. You think all of them are true. You don't even wonder if they are not. You sit. And you wait. You think that's possible. This can happen to you. Meanwhile you keep eating. Seeing the best adventures. Things you couldn't even think of. Like if you were a heroe. You are sitting. You keep seeing tv. It's too exciting. Is the best thing that you have. It's what you have. Tales which make you feel alive. You are sitting in front of the Tv. You believe them. You think you are the best. It's too late. You feel tired. You have been watching tv for too long. You have to go bed. Lights are off. Before dreams come you almost notice you did nothing. Fortunately you did not. You can now sleep without feeling like a loser. You can keep living. Living only for sitting. Sitting seeing clouds explaining tales. Sitting without moving. Sitting while your life goes on. While your time ends. While clouds explain tales and you keep still.

Dario Phong, Barcelona 10-Jan-2000