Introducing Deepwave

Mercator/OoZE Labs

Maybe some of you know me - Mercator from the very inactive Austrian group OoZE Labs. Two years ago a friend of mine and me built up a group of 15 VRML experts worldwide called Geometrek. All members did what they liked to do - having fun with creating 3D on the web (mainly in VRML). Now we're a virtual Web3D company consisting of 20 members who are spread all over the world. We produced the first real VRML demos (in our demo scene sense) - shown at the Web3D roundup at Siggraph 2000 and at the VRML99. You can download them from our webpage - you need a VRML plugin like CosmoPlayer (preferred for the demos) or Blaxxun Contact.

Today we release our newest product >>DeepWave<<. It's a 3D visualisation plugin for Winamp. There are many 3D plugins for Winamp but none is like ours. You can author your own worlds/games or visualisation scenes in VRML, synch them to music and do whatever you want to do. Just download it and check out the samples. Additionally it is the perfect and only tool for doing demos synched to music in VRML. Check it out and if you've got questions contact me. You need Winamp and the Blaxxun VRML plugin to run it.

If you are interested in VRML or any other Web3D technology, want to know more or have already done some stuff, contact me too. Maybe I can help out or maybe you wanna join Geometrek.

Btw. If you're interested in 3d multiuser stuff on the web check out DeepMatrix on our webpage - it uses standards only!! It's a java applet - no standalone client download necessary.

If you like DeepWave, spread the word - it's free!