History of ANDESA Soft International

Denis Astahov

At the beginning of the yeat 1995 Alex Teplicky bought his first computer... This was a 386SX-40.... and our training on this magic machine started!

Alex Teplicky called his old school friend Andrey Petrov and his new school friend Denis Astahov.

We began to learn Computer Science...

The name 'ANDESA' came from a time when we were installing Windows 3.1 During installation, Windows asked: Your Name and Company Name. Denis Astahov took the first and second letter from all of our names:

Andrey - AN
Denis - DE
Sasha - SA

and said - "ANDESA"

Alex Teplicky said 'ANDESA Soft'. Who said 'ANDESA Soft International' I don't remember. :~( But we didn't know that we would once be really international!

These were our jobs in the group:

Andrey Petrov - Designer, Coder.
Denis Astahov - Graphics, Coder.
Alex Teplicky - Main Programmer.

Our first program was "adsz.com', coded by Alex Teplicky.

In the year 1995 we took an address on the World Net called - FidoNet! It was 2:4600/96.911@fidonet.org.

In the summer of 1996 I bought my first PC. It was a 386DX-40. Two computers... this is a great group! I don't remember my first program, but I think it was 'antiwin.com', an AntiWindows Program made in the DOS 6.22 language. ;-) It was actually 'antiwin.bat', but using the compiler 'bat2com' I converted it to 'antiwin.com'. In the beginning I knew only BASIC and I made many small and stupid programs.

A fair while later we made many small simple programs, crackers, demos... In 1997 we started to translate the strategic game 'UFO-2 Terror From The Deep' from English to Russian Language. Also we made many super good crackers for UFO-1, UFO-2 and UFO-3. Unlimited money and others.

A long, long time after...

At the beginning of 1998 in March, Denis Astahov and Alex Teplicky emigrated from Ukraine to Israel. This was the start of a new Age of ANDESA Soft! Many times Denis and Alex would be seeking FidoNet... but they found nothing... In August we entered the World Net called - The Internet! All night we were seeking FidoNet in Israel... and... YES! On the official site of FidoNet we found the World NodeList. In this NodeList we found all phone numbers of Israel FidoWorld! Alex and me took our new address 2:405/333.27.

Israel Live...

In Israel I began to learn the SPHINX C-- Programming Language. In a very short time, I made many small and nice demos and intros. In September 1998 Alex and I made the ads_isra demo! This was a demo for Israel FidoNet World. I made an English-Russian Dictionary, and later I made a Russian-Hebrew version.

12 December 1998 was a cool date for ANDESA Soft, because I created our Web Site on the Internet! And now all the people in the world may see all our programs and demos.

In 1999, there were many Demo Parties in Russia. We took part in them, and here are our results:

Party Name Location Demo Name Demo Size Place
ByteFall'99 Moscow, Russia adv4bf99 887 bytes 8th Place! Chaos Const'99Peterburg, Russia Plutina 512 bytes 4th Place! Forge Of MB'99Ufa, Russia adv4mb99 4096 bytes Unknown Place! CAFe'99 Kazan, Tatarstan Cruzetta 1024 bytes 6th Place! MOVEMENT'99 Israel adv4mv99 4096 bytes No Place!

In 1999 I made very, very many demos and intros! I created a game called 'Battle Sea' with SPHINX C-- and a demo version of the strategic game BATTLE FOR ISLAND. At the end of 1999 Alex made the 256 bytes Demo Plasmuel. He will take part in one DEMO party!

In August 1999 I took a Node Address in FidoNet! 2:403/400.0, ANDESA Soft Station-1. Later Alex took the Node Address 2:403/911.0 - ANDESA Soft Station-2.

In November I started to learn programming at Tel-Aviv University, and in December I made two nice games, CAZINO 'One Hand Maniak' and SpaceWar. These games work in standard text mode.

This is the end of the story...

Denis Astahov