LESS Music Productions E-Magazine


LEM E-Mag is designed to inform the reader about artist releases and personal information about each LMP member, as well as general news.

Also there are tracking tips from our artists and general tracking articles, giving help to beginners. (In further issues we will be going into deeper detail.)

I would encourage you to let me know what you think of LEM and if you have any tracking tips etc. that I could add into further issues of LEM, please e-mail me. (When sending the e-mail please put the "LEM feedback" in the Subject. Thanks.)

General Information

Coded in Visual Basic Ver 5

By: SoLoRiZe

Module Engine: BASS ver 7

CD Engine: BASS ver 7

Background Music by: Schutzy

File Size: 1.5Mb

Release Date: 17th January 2000

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I hope you enjoy reading LEM.