Online Demoparties are the future

Tonic/Comic Pirates/Trebel

I, Makke, got this in my mail-box from one of my best "virtual" friends, namely Tonic / Comic Pirates. Tonic didn't have time to rewrite it as an article. But as I found it quite well written and relevant I thought we could publish it anyway.

Hey you.

Quit knocking online demo parties. It's the only way that we're ever going to improve the US/Canadian scene. It's the only way I'll get to Mekka/Symposium, Assembly, etc. unless I make a special trip. I can't do it, really. I mean, yeah, I wanted to go to Cannonball '99 and eventually when you do have Cannonball - I'll be there. But only because we're personal friends. Realistically, I can't afford it.

True, a lot of folks think this is a bad idea. But like most other scene things that are change, it's the change they're fighting - and the scene has evolved every time I've watched it. Heck, when I left the Amiga scene in '93 and was away for five years, wham, the U.S./Canadian scene started up and actually had two parties! And I missed them, because I was completely out of the scene. My point here is that the scene evolves - and always will. Perhaps this is a bad idea and won't work - but we won't know until we see it.

Now I'm back, and I would love to attend a virtual demoparty. Sure, I'll miss the big screen demos. Hmm... have I ever seen one? Nope. So, I won't know that I'm missing it. (: But I can vote - and I think you know that I have opinions.

Yes, it would be difficult to orchestrate - but I believe it is not impossible. And I'd love to be a part of any virtual demoparty there is.

I also believe it would get more people involve in the US and Canadian scenes. (I guess there's also a Mexican scene - don't know that there is though. And the South American scene is starting up, I guess.) Many folks in the states (Canada possibly does not have this problem) don't do demos, or know what they are. Why? Because of lack of exposure. When they see a cool demo, they often are intrigued - but without the promise of a demoparty, there are few folks who get excited enough about doing something to actually do it.

Sort of like a certain coder you know who hasn't finished a musicdisk, eh? (:

And that could be part of the problem with that, too. I mean, I'll get it done, I'll release it, but who will see it that I know? People I know - virtually.

I only today met Pyromaniac/Beyond - and I'm moving away now, so I won't be local anymore. And I met some of my old Amiga buddies on my trip out west last month. But other than that - my entire scene existance has been virtual. Since 1986 I've been a part of a virtual existence of artists and coders. That's over 10 years of never actually meeting a soul involved with this. And I don't see the 'leap' to a virtual party as being any different than what I have always done with the scene.

So - my plea to you is this: please don't knock the idea of the virtual demoparty. As we become more global as a scene, it's the way of the future. Let's shape it properly - so it can grow; rather than watch it grow like a cancer into something that really doesn't have a damned thing to do with the scene.

Also, it's a natural extension for Trebel. (: That's my baby, ya know. (: Even if I haven't fed it for a while.

Tonic/Comic Pirates/Trebel