The Youth Are Lucky

Written by Morph

Your friends are either on vacation, partying at some lamer's place, spending time with their girlfriends, or perhaps being just plain boring. There are no cool things on TV, nothing of interest at the cinema, no buddy to visit and share some fun with, and no party to attend. Just before you fall asleep you decide that tomorrow will be a day to spend indoors and in loneliness.

Every day starts with a slow drifting between two different worlds. You enter the restricted world with creatures living after a certain type of guidelines, from being in the vague and blurry world where anything can happen, where your mind decides what will happen and what to do when it happens. A place where you meet all the persons you admire or fantasize about, a place where you are the main character of everything. But unfortunately also a world you always get kicked out from when your body feels like it, making you fade away without knowing what's really going on until you clearly wake up.

Angrily you realize that you now can't join the world you just left for a couple of hours, and that another world is awaiting your actions. All the necessary things you have to do every new day you succeed in doing, until you finally have a chance to choose for yourself. You now decide that you'll leave this monotonous and boring world, to rapidly join another a lot more exciting and enjoyable one.

Instantly you fall into a world where you control everything with your mind and hands, a world where you guide beings created by yourself through everyday life exactly the way you want. Enthusiastically you act God of your universe so deep that you forget who you really are, so very deep that it feels like you can be in this world forever and that you without real knowledge about it wish that you were one of your own beloved characters.

After a while you get bored and frustrated at your created universe, and don't want to do anything else more than to leave the whole thing behind. Its problems and limitations finally become a bit more than you are willing to handle, and you get tired of the extremely hard work and brainpower it eagerly required.

Suddenly you come to think of a world you've totally forgotten for some strange reason, a thrilling and far away world you love to spend time and effort in. You directly enter this world with all its contents, with its entire atmosphere of friendship combined with creativeness and originality. Ideas are bubbling up inside your mind and you suddenly want to start creating actively for a while, as a different section of your brain now starts working you once again forget what you are doing until your minds fastest working processor gets tired and overheated.

Tiredly you decide that another kind of processor from now on will guide you through a new incredibly nice and atmospheric world, a world with a lot of exciting adventures where you are another kind of person with a different kind of friend and a totally uncommon kind of lifestyle. How you act isn't deadly important cause of the fact that if you by some reason would regret something clumsy you've done, it's easy to jump back in time some minutes and do it once again and hopefully improve. The task of finding yourself a person to love in this world is very easy and comfortable, you're amazingly popular and you still have the ability to travel in time if you would embarrass yourself. You feel addicted within some minutes and as before you forget what world you are attending, but whether you like it or not, the universe quietly starts fading away from you. Before you know it you once again enter the vague and blurry world where anything can happen.

"Hey you slow wuss, does this have a point or is it just a medicine for people with insomnia?" Probably your thought, right? Here's my point.

My very old grandparents have been visiting me the last six days, and while having a discussion with grandpa, a thought hit my mind. His life is so incredibly boring!

He wakes up early in the morning, make himself and his wife (that he's been married to for about 65 years) some coffee, drinks it and eats some disgusting kind of bread as he does every day. Then he checks the news either on TV or the radio, discusses the interesting parts of it with his beloved wife, and then he finally gets a bit tired and takes a long nap. Later when he wakes up, his indescribably monotonous life starts to loop. Coffee and a bit of food, news, discussion, nap, loop. Do you think he likes it himself? Definitely not! But how could he make it more enjoyable? He has never been interested in movies (same as most of the people his age), doesn't even know what a computer is (except from the things he has heard about them from other people or on the news of course). He's got nothing creative or exciting to do at all (not counting visiting or calling some of his five daughters), is too old and sick to even go outside and just breath some fresh air. He has no real meaning in his life in his one single world anymore, and just lives with the knowledge that soon he will die and leave us behind.

It almost never happens, but I actually started to feel really thankful to God that I live today (and my parents and everyone else responsible for it), and that I didn't grow up when my old friend of mine did. 'Cause what things that I do now won't I be able to do when I get as old as he is? Not a thing! My life will be as nice as it is for the moment even when I'm old, lazy, sick and tired nonstop. Just buy me a bigger TV and a more comfortable chair and bed, and I'll be in euphoria!

Maybe we all will be tired of the scene, of being really oldschool sceners with fourteen-year-old newbies everywhere being lame and arrogant, and probably tired of making the same old gfx, code or music. Perhaps we all will be bored of most of the other worlds as well, but don't you think we will have it more enjoyable than today's oldies anyway?

For you that wants to know, the worlds I'm a standard member of is the dreamworld, the "real world" (which maybe is "the Matrix", who knows), the world as a novelist or editor, the scene world (cyberspace blabla), the creative world, the video game world (read "Final Fantasy world"...) and finally the movie world that I forgot to mention in the opening text (was a bit too long anyway, don't you think?).

Am I the only one to live this way? What worlds do you attend everyday? Answer those two difficult questions and mail them to me including your name and address, and if I judge you as correct and normal, I'll send you some yoghurt. -

"Yo Morph you antisocial asswipe, what did you do yesterday?",

"Errr, well, a lot of things..."