The World Is Logical

Written by guido

The world is big. A question from a young German boy: Where's Italy? On a globe, it seems to be near. But is it really near? Driving to Italy takes 14 hours. It's far away. Let's have a look at the globe again. Where's America? It must be far far far away! The world is big.

The world is small. Talking to a person anywhere on earth is no problem; watching the soccer world championship live at home, either. The world is small.

Humans know much. How to speak their native language, how to speak foreign languages. How to code great demos. How earthquakes occur. If you think only a minute about what humans know, you get hundreds of examples. Humans know much.

Humans know hardly anything. Are there other intelligent beings? Does Yeti exist? Who or what created the world? And finally: Why do we live? Humans know hardly anything.

The world is contradictory. No more to say about this. Sure? Well, perhaps it's normal, that things are both - good and bad, nice and ugly, black and white - to end up in synthesis like thesis and antithesis. The world is logical.