We are part of the real world

Written by Dario Phong

Inside the section Miscellaneous you can find a sub-section which mainly concerns philosophical issues. If you look at Hugi #16, you'll see that most of the articles are about how different writers see the real world, how they try to understand it. To prevent falling in depression. To give a meaning to our lives...

But back to my article. This sub-section is called The Real World. And this is wrong.

Let me explain: Society (real world) is made of different groups. Just like Hugi is divided in different sections, also there are sub-groups. Of course you can argue that Hugi isn't the society, in this case I agree. But in fact the definition of a society divided into groups, which at the same time are divided into different sub-groups, is very true.

Let's take the society of a developed country. You'll realize that there's a group of persons in it that like football. Ok, the first statement I made above is right. But what about the second? What about the sub-groups? If you look at this group (the ppl who like football) you'll realize that there are different sub-groups that like different football teams. Even there you can go further, the persons who like the same football team may like it more or less, go to the same bar, ot stay at home together, or go to the stadium... This is like a fractal which you can zoom on, with infinite precision. Infinite? Wrong. There's a minimum expression of it. A human being.

I've already proven that life's made of groups that at the same time have sub-groups that consist of other sub-sub-groups, till you get to the human being. Well, we now know that we can classify the Demo Scene as a group. Which is divided into groups. In this case we may refer both to Demo Scene groups or to different activities, like coding, drawing, or composing. If you keep looking, you'll realize that inside every sub-group there's another group. Like the coders, one is specialized in raytracing, another one likes 2d effects, and the third has coded a player. One prefers demos, the other 64k, and I prefer 4k. We can see the same among trackers, where everyone of them has a different style, like graphicians do.

Now we see that the real world, the society, is made of sub-groups. So a sub-group of it is part of the real world, so the Demo Scene is part of the real world, and should not be considered something apart from it.

I've already proven why this section should not be called The Real World, however this is not my goal. My goal is rather to show you that even if we don't want to, or if we don't know it, we are part of the real world.

Of course if we keep analysing we'll realize that a group which has more supporters is considered normal, while one which has less ppl in it is not considered as normal. Though both of them are part of the real world.

Then why is a group considered normal and the other is not? In fact we need to be part of a group, we need to identify with some other ppl, and share the same interests, but our nature is to feel different. In most of the cases to feel better than other ppl. That's why most of the ppl decide who is "normal" and who is not, just to feel better knowing that in their lives without a goal, they are part of a group which is the "best" one, which is the "normal" one, so they are better than the ppl who are not "normal".

Okay, my thoughts have now been put to paper. I tried to keep it short and simple. Just to make you know that is not short nor simple, that we are talking about the bones of our society.

If you liked this article you could vote for me as one of the best writers, coz while I like to feel being inside of a given group (in this case articles writers) I want to feel being among the best of them. You may see this as a stupid way of doing things, but that's the one which moves us in most of the cases. Don't you believe it? In this case think twice, and vote for me. You'll feel part of a group, the voters.

Dario Phong, Barcelona 02-Aug-1999