We Don't Care

Written by Dario Phong

Trees are a must if we want to survive. A fact that we all should know. If our forests disappear we are going to disappear too. But we don't care about them. We don't.

There are limited resources. But we use them and abuse of them. We don't care about if we waste too much. We don't.

Every bath we take... it's just a bath you may say. But you are wrong. You are wasting a lot of water. Why don't you take a shower instead.

Probably you have listened to such phrases from any "catastrophistical" ecologist group. But you don't believe them. Life's too short to care about such things.

We think that our ancestors were wrong, that wars should never happen. But they happen NOW, and we don't care. They're too far from us. We don't get involved in them.

We are making a lot of different animal species disappear. They are ugly. They are dangerous. They bother us. In fact they are part of the environment. If we destroy the environment, we are destroying ourselves. But we don't care.

Instead of caring about the future of our sons, caring about humankind, we discuss if we should use MP3, or who is lame, and such things.

Next time think twice about what you think.

However, my point of view is the same as yours, not to care about it, to live without such worries. I already have a lot of them. I don't care about the world I live in. Sad, isn't it?

Dario Phong, Barcelona 14-Jul-1999