Get Active! Support Hugi!

Written by Adok

So you have already been seduced by the colorful graphics, enchanted by the mellow music and fascinated by the charming quality of our articles? You have finally fallen in love with this masterpiece of diskmag culture? You decided to devote your time in order to ensure a very long life for Hugi? But you are not yet sure what you could do? Easy, you could ...

... copy Hugi on disk and pass it to your neighbour
... upload Hugi on a FTP server of your choice
... post a message about Hugi to your friends
... get a telephone book, call 100 people and tell them where to get Hugi
... write articles for Hugi and boast with them at school/uni/work
... read through all articles and write down your first impressions
... send your impressions to the Hugi Staff
... send extensive feedback to the authors of the articles
... report about bugs in the Hugi interface to Street Raider
... suggest topics for articles in the next Hugi issue
... put a link to Hugi on your web-site
... start mailswapping again and send Hugi to all of your old contacts
... code an intro for the next Hugi issue
... code an advertisement intro for Hugi and spread it
... write a review about Hugi for another magazine
... send Hugi to a paper magazine and ask them to put it on a cover CD
... take part in one of our competitions
... draw a title picture for Hugi
... draw a background picture for Hugi
... draw a closing picture for Hugi
... draw stylish title, background and closing pictures for Hugi
... get the Hugi test suite from the staff and play around with design
... compose a cool tune for Hugi
... make a demo and publish its sources in Hugi
... comment the sources of your latest demo and put the comments to Hugi
... code a new interface for Hugi
... make a brainstorming session what could be improved about Hugi
... write an article about your home country
... introduce yourself to the Hugi readers
... interview an interesting person
... visit a party, make photos and send them to Hugi
... visit a party, write a report and send it to Hugi
... draw a new font for Hugi
... send small cliparts and logos to Hugi
... go onto your hometrainer and make some sports
... write an article about your attitude to politics
... download a new demo, intro, tune or whatever and review it
... write your opinion about the future of the scene
... introduce your group to the Hugi readers
... advertise for yourself
... post fresh news to the Hugi Staff
... tell the Hugi Staff about rumours you recently heard
... get a new make-up
... go to usenet, read the rants and flames and send your reaction to Hugi
... read the Legal Stuff column in Hugi for copyright issues
... write a poem
... write a short story
... write an essay
... write a novel
... write a book
... get a new girl-/boyfriend
... send us the photo of your girlfriend
... write an article about protecting our environment
... draw a new cursor for Hugi
... let the readers know your thoughts about MP3s in demos
... convey your knowledge at coding/music/chemistry/whatever to our readers
... teach the Hugi audience some maths
... translate articles from Hugi to your native language
... proofread articles for the next Hugi issue
... go to the next fair and spread Hugi among the masses
... write down some rants about technology
... send us demoparty-dates to fill holes in our party-calendar
... point us to cool scene-related web resources we could mention in Hugi
... keep our new gfx corner alive
... draw a new feedback button for Hugi
... write a "scene fiction" story
... draw new icons, asciis, etc. for Hugi
... invent cool slogans for Hugi
... write about your cat's/dog's favourite food
... fill in the votesheet
... spread the empty vote form all over the world
... send us your feedback
... send us your articles
... send us your graphics
... send us your music
... send us your intros
... send us your free sourcecodes

Since Hugi is a free magazine created on an idealistic basis, we cannot pay you for your efforts. However, every contributor will be listed in the credits and knighted. And don't forget that being active in Hugi is the best way to advertise for yourself.

Some technical details for the coders, graphicians, and musicians out there who wanna contribute to Hugi:

Graphics (Pictures and Cliparts)

We need three pictures for every Hugi issue: a title picture, a background picture (also called main picture), and a closing picture. The title and the closing pictures must have the resolution 640x480 with either 256 or 65536 colours. At least the title picture should contain a logo saying "Hugi", but with no number, because it is never sure in what Hugi issue your work will be used. We usually put all graphics in our graphic pool and use them one day depending on whether we have other pictures that suit it, and whether we have music that fits the graphics. The background picture (main picture) also has the resolution 640x480. There are some special elements which have to be taken care of in these pictures, such as the status bar, the progress bar, the title bar and the text window. Adok will tell you the details if you are interesting in drawing such a picture, so contact him. You will then also get a special Hugi test suite using which you can test your picture with some selected Hugi issues. This also allows you to change the text colours and the positions of several screen elements to fit your picture best. Cliparts are small drawings, logos, and photos that are used in the articles to introduce some variety. They can be of any size up to 592x304, which is the size of the text window. However, I'd recommend not exceeding a size of 320x240. The mouse cursor has the size 8x16. The current feedback button has the size 90x32. However, if you draw a new one, you can choose the size for yourself. Just don't exaggerate, heh. The purpose of this button is to animate the people to send their feedback to Hugi.


Currently, the Hugi interface supports the formats XM, S3M, and MOD. IT support is also planned for the many Impulse Tracker lovers among you, but we cannot promise that it will be possible to use ITs in Hugi within a foreseeable time. So we recommend sending your tunes in as XM. The size should not exceed 500 KByte; if it does though, it will not matter either provided that there is a reasonable quality-quantity ratio. Your tune can be any style, be it classic, techno, ambient or whatever. Also chip tunes are welcome! Just keep in mind that the people mainly run a diskmag to read the articles. So the tune should not occupy all of their attention. In other words: Mellow tunes probably make more sense. Like with the graphics, your tunes will be put in a music pool and will be used in a future issue, depending on whether it suits the graphics planned for this issue.


Intros are very welcome. Support for embedding intros in the mag will probably be implemented in a future issue. Probably you will have to write your intro as a Win32 DLL, which the interface will execute. Please do not waste your time with coding an intro for DOS though; we might give up supporting DOS with the Hugi interface soon. In any case, contact Adok to get up-to-date information about technical details.

Okay. If everything is clear now, start working and send your finished contribution to the address below. If anything is still unclear, don't hesistate to ask. Direct your questions to the address below.

The adress is:

E-Mail: - Snailmail:
Claus-Dieter Volko, Hungereckstr. 60/2, A-1230 Wien, Austria

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance for contacting us!