Written by Adok

AUDIOPHONIK CD. Darkness/Imphobia, in cooperation with Dan Wright/Fusecon (founder of what later became the Hornet Archive), is curently working on the final touch of what is supposed to be the ultimate scene audio CD compilation. This professionally manufactured audio CD, due to be released around end september/early october under the name "audiophonik", will include original tracks by some of the scene past and present most talented musicians such as Moby, Vic, Scorpik, Necros, Zodiak, Lizardking and many others and will be available for a very cheap price. If you wish to get any more information on that CD or to be noticed when the CD is out of the press, feel free to email (Darkness/Imphobia)

BIRTHDAYS. Bacter/Quasars and Adok/Hugi found out that they were born on the same day: October 8th, 1983. Bacter is 18 hours older than Adok.

BLASPHEMY. Moral Handy Candy sevice pack 1 fixes some bugs in the demo. Available at the Blasphemy web-site.

CEG - CHAOS ENERGY GROUP. Mad Lizard took 4th place in the pixel graphics compo at Paradox '99, slash was 1st and 2nd in ascii compo. Preparing for the Cafe99 party. Check out our homepages and We have new members: Iz0 (pixel), V0land (render), Eiichi (photoart), Zer0ix (ascii), Mr.Byte (ascii). Download our new artpacks at our homepages and at (search for "ceg"). (Slash/CEG)

COCOON. Tenshu joined Cocoon. Cocoon are planing to do something "really big" before they stop demos, which will happen pretty soon ("maybe the best demo ever"). Gengis is coming back and will work with them on this prod. "Isn't that juicy?" Nytrik comments. (Nytrik/Cocoon)

DEFACTO 2. Recently we have opened our scene portal to the masses. It concentrates on all scenes out there, from cracking to demos, ansi to music. For this portal to be a success PLEASE submit relevant URLS at (Seffren/Defacto 2)

DESPITE. Despite released the fourth issue of their Polish language diskmag Sneaker. Available at and Amber.

DIALOGOS BUSTRIP I. Unlock and Posh of Vantage are organizing a bustrip to the Dialogos '99 Party in Jena/Germany. They will pick up people from all over their travel route which starts in Switzerland (Zuerich, Aarau, Bern, Basel) going trough France (Mulhouse) to Germany (Karlsruhe, Frankfurt) to Jena. The trip will be very cheap. Interested? Go to the web-site for more infos and signing up. BTW: Everybody who signed up after August 20 shall contact Unlock again as there was some problem with the mailserver. (Unlock/Vantage)

DIALOGOS BUSTRIP II. People who want to join the bustrip to Dialogos from the Netherlands should drop a mail at (Sparcus/Nostalgia)

DIFFUSION. We're looking for a 2d gfxian. (Echo/Diffusion/Level-D)

EXCITE. The Swiss demo group Excite is dead. (Sweeper/Vantage)

FMOD. The FMOD 2.23 soundsystem by FireLight (known from #coders) has been released. It features playback routines for various module formats and is Windows-based.

FUSION. Voder became a netswapper. Tiges joined up from wizz.arts. Red!up became a snailswapper lookin'4ctx. (Dexter/Fusion)

FUSION INDUSTRIES. That's right, we're making T-Shirts for ourselves, and YES! You too can have one! They are black with the Fusion Industries name on the front and a large white logo on the back. The price is US$12.50 + shipping. For more info, [Calvrak/Fus.]

HALCYON. Halcyon is probably going to make a production for The Party 99 if TP is going to be held. The production will most probably be for Windows. Placidity is doing his military service, which sucks, but otherwise the whole posse is in effect. Ren doesn't live in the same city as the other guys anymore, which sucks too, but we gotta live with the fact. Otherwise it's all good and smokin'. (Shrine/Halcyon)

HAUJOBB. Haujobb was joined by former Quad members Sagacity and Inferno. They won the 64k intro competition at Evoke '99 with "pre-cloned". Read the interview with Hellfire in this Hugi issue. Illusion joined Haujobb as a musician. He is the second Finnish member at the moment.

HUGI CORE. The new URL of our web-site is This domain will be available for at least a year. In case you are reading this in the year 2000 or even the next millennium and the address does not work, try and All Hugi Core members can now also be reached using e-mail aliases (handle = adok, dendrite, makke, mrseq or psykax), e.g. Hugi Size Coding Competition #9 has been launched. Task: Write the smallest possible emulator for the fictive SPEW CPU that has been invented by TAD. More info:

HUGI RUSSIAN DIVISION. The Russian Division of Hugi does not exist any longer. As we received 1 mbyte of articles within the last two weeks before the Hugi #16 deadline, the translation team broke down. So that not all of their efforts are in vain, Flux released a small Russian edition of Hugi #16 with 500 kbyte of translated articles. You can get it at the Hugi web-site.

IMPHOBIA. Imphobia, in cooperation with Fusecon, is working on a scene audio CD compilation called "audiophonik". Read more about it in this very front news section under the headline "audiophonik".

LEVEL-D MUSIC. Distance and Xerxes joined our team, Sprinkle changed his nick to Sprii, and Pirat left us. In the same time Johanne (Nogsf) became an organizer of LVD. (Echo/Diffusion/Level-D)

MICROPYLE. Imi opened a new Hungarian scene-site. This one contains quite a lot of links and news.

MONO211/MONOTONIK. All the 100 copies of cdr#2 have been sold. Monotonik's next release (probably not a CDR at all) will possibly be "between gaps" by md/tpolm. (distance/tpolm)

OUTLAW TRIAD. After a long time of doing practically nothing we are back to release. Right now we are working on several demo-releases and as well on a game. But we are still very short in coders, so group-less coders, please join our crew and help us producing. (Sappy/OT)

PHYMOSYS. Dario Phong ranked first at Euskal Party 7 with his 4k intro Garbled. In total five 4k intros were presented at this party. The intro is available at Dario Phong's web-site. (Dario Phong/PhyMosys)

PULSE. Jogeir Liljedahl of Pulse has released his first audio CD, titled "The Wanderer." It is only available to buy online or through mail order. To buy online, visit To purchase by mail-order, write to Bjorn Lynne / Longlands House / Wakefield Road / Ossett WF5 9JS / ENGLAND for details. Email inquiries: [Bjorn Lynne]

PURPLE. Toypusher final is available at Requires OpenGL and a 3d-card that supports multitexture.

PYORRHOEA. We are working on a network-based realtime-strategy game with modem, ipx and (probably) internet-gaming support. We are still in great need of a 3D-GFXers who could design some units and buildings. Please contact us at or visit (Scaz/Pyorrhoea)

QUAD. Macaw joined, and Deadline even rejoined Quad, so Quad has two more fine coders now. Sarix changed his status to a so-called 'fun-member' (those are his own words), but he will not be 100% idle for Quad though. Furthermore, G-Day has cold feet now, and he ate too much French fries on the day before. (G-Day/Quad)

RAMJAM. RamJam will release a 64k intro at Bizarre '99 in cooperation with Droid, Muffler, and Wave of Haujobb. (Surfing/RamJam)

REPLAY. Replay was victorious at Bush Party with their dentro "after seks", with music by md/tpolm. (distance/tpolm)

SHINE DISKMAG. Replay say they will release Shine #5 in two weeks, after their Compusphere invitation intro. It will feature a picture by Warpig/Exceed.

SCENET. Version 30 of this scene-related e-mail & web-site collection has been released. All e-mail addresses have been tested for validity.

SOS. "Save Our Souls" is the real name! Read more in a separate article. (mSW/sOS/jLY)

SPANTOBI. Musician Altemark got drunk and fell asleep on a balcony. Coder Radon moved to Uppsala to study, and now lives together with 3d-man Thypyroo. Spantobi releases are planned on a number of parties like demoparty99, dreamhack99 and tg00. Altemark is going to participate in a Phillipinean Buzz Tracker Underground Electronic Music Compilation CD. Altemark got a song reviewed in the Finnish multimedia magazine mmmag. Greldik recuited Scoon to Spantobi as a coder. If only those damn coders could do something else than just drink beer! (Altemark/Spantobi)

SPINNING KIDS. Web-site has opened.

STORM STUDIOS. Storm Studios started working on their global megademo. It will be something in Amiga-style and will tell about today's demoscene. (FatCrazer/Storm)

TDSC. Wire/ESM changed his nick to FirEdge and founded the group The Dark Sun Coders (TDSC). Members: FirEdge (code, design, orga, 3d, music), Greedo (gfx2d, code) and Seb (gfx2d). All members began to work hard on a secret project. (FirEdge/TDSC)

THE BLACK LOTUS. There will be a final release of TBL's 3d hardware accelerated demo Contour hopefully sooner rather than later. Look for substantial additions and changes content-wise as well as technically (including a 16-bit cripplemode for 3dfx chips). Kiulu by Pontus, winner of the demo compo at the Plutonium 2 party, is not a TBL production, as was erroneously stated in the party results published in Hugi #16 and elsewhere. Saffron/TBL just did the graphics for the demo at the party place. (Saffron/TBL)

THEKOOL. The whole theKool kommunity (a-move/amable, poti/bm, xenon/kfmf, velvet/amable) met at the great evoke99 demoparty in Germany last weekend. At the party, they released their first 4ch guest release, which came 4th in the competition. The 4ch track called "beatgefrikkel" and some photos from the party will be available within the next few days from the official theKool e-porno kiosk located at (xenon/kfmf)

THELOOP. Thelo0p released the artpack "tHElo0p 003/99". 130 ansis, asciis and a few graphics by various members such as Simon King, Floyd, and Havoc are included. Among them also file_id.diz files of yet unreleased diskmags (Fleur #4, Booster #8). Probably a must-have for every ascii freak. There are also some texts but unfortunately all in Polish language. Check Thelo0p's distro directory at Amber.

TPOLM. Every member of tpolm graduated from tpolm on September 6th, 1999. Md/tpolm is doing a takeover of the year 1999 by having his music in every production possible. (distance/tpolm)

TREBEL. has moved. New address:

TRIP! DISKMAG. Gardner has taken over control of the formerly Swiss diskmag "Trip!" by Excite. Now his group, Anakata, will be releasing it.

TWO-HEADED SQUIRREL. The demo review site "Two-headed Squirrel" has moved to

WAY-X. They are currently porting Path Of Mankind from DOS to Windows. Path Of Mankind is a freeware strategy game. WAY-X have been working on it for almost two years, and yet it is not finished.

WILD BITS. Spock, previously a member of the now disappeared Spanish demogroup Infinite Darkness, joins Wild Bits. (Spock/Wild Bits)

WILDMAG. WildMag Issue #1 will be released in december '99, and we're still looking for writers, someone to proofread, skin designers and musicians. BTW, WildMag is going to be "German only". You can get an interface preview at (The Update/CoPro)

YONGA DISKMAG. The group AnaLoG released issue 1 of Yonga, the first PC diskmag in Turkish language. Available at

ZERO DEFECTS. Zero Defects is a new group "with some real scene spirit". Members: dman, Macaw, Sind, Shock, Theo, Krav, MasterBoy (code), Grid, Rio (gfx), Dixan, Dhs (music). They are working on a 64k intro engine.

ZYKLOP MAILORDER. For technical and personal reasons of Yogi/Zyklop Zyklop Mailorder has been inactive for a couple of months. Now they are selling the remaining scene CDs. As soon as they are sold, they will organize new CDs.

COMPUTER INDUSTRY. Intel and Microsoft haved joined together to deliver the "EasyPC" to make using a new PC much easier than normal. The next generation of PCs will be launched this autumn and will have no ISA support. It's expected that all the normal connectors (Parallel, Serial, MIDI, PS/2 and other I/O ports) will vanish too in favour the USB standard. Also soon after the VGA and IDE connectors will probably be replaced too. There will be some USB adaptors so some of the older hardware without USB connectors can still be used. So lots of the "legacy" hardware will be ignored, a smaller BIOS and "OnNow" technology will mean faster booter and easy to upgrade hardware (due to the USB). Intel have come up with the new, smaller motherboard called "FlexATX" and will be made avaliable to Dell, Gateway and Compaq. The new funky PCs will come without the old floppy-disk drive! It seems that Intel have noticed what iMac have done, producing a cool looking machine which is so easy to use. Windows: Better support for USB in a new Windows 98 2nd edition which masks out the DOS prompt from the start menu, automated net access and file sharing. There will be no messing around with IP addresses and a fast 8-second sleep mode. Windows 98 will come as standard for these new PCs, BUT... you will have to pay 161 pounds for the complete software or 85 pounds for the upgrade (Huh?)... Progress eh? Check out these sites: and (TAD)