Hugi Ascii Art Competition Invitation

Written by Adok

Again it's a simple task, again everybody can easily compete, and again the winner will be established in a fair, democratic voting process.

The objective is to draw either a file_id.diz ascii or a .nfo ascii for Hugi #19. For examples, just check out the file_id.diz and the hugi17.nfo files included in this Hugi issue. The maximum size of the diz ascii is 40x20, and the maximum size of the .nfo ascii is 78x20. Just create your pieces of ascii art with a text editor or a special tool like ACiDDRAW and send them over to

All entries will be attached to Hugi #18. Like with the Icon Compo, everybody will be able to vote for their fave asciis using their support.sheets. If we get enough entries, we will make two separate voting categories: one for the diz asciis and one for the .nfo asciis. Otherwise, we will put both kinds of asciis in the same category. In the end, the winning asciis will be used in Hugi #19.

Spasibo to Slash/CEG for suggesting this competition!