Introduction to the Graphics Corner

Written by Adok

While restructuring the sections we have in Hugi, I noticed the presence of a couple of graphics/ansi related articles. Remembering a comment by Shar, in which he stated it was awkward that coders and musicians had their own sections in Hugi but graphicians did not, I decided just to try installing a graphics corner in Hugi.

Please give me feedback to this new section. If it is of any value, we will continue it, provided that you send us enough articles. Otherwise we will just drop this corner and put the interesting texts in other sections of Hugi.

What should the Graphics Corner contain? Well, that's mainly up to you, the readers. Give us feedback what would interest you and what you want to be covered. I can imagine that graphics/artpack reviews, interviews with graphicians, and drawing/painting/graphics-program tutorials might be suitable for this section. But as I am no graphician I guess I'm not the best person to decide that.

This leads to another point. If you think you can write and get people to write enough interesting articles for this corner for every Hugi issue, you can apply for the job as the Graphics Corner editor. Basically, this would give you the chance to form this section according to your ideas. If you are interested, contact me and let's talk about it.