Music Editorial

Written by Makke

I guess I sang "School's out for ever" too early, because I'm back to school studying maths. Yes, these darn studies. School begins and summer ends, and with it my need for mellow heavy metal increases.

If you're into this kind of music I this month recommend you to check out Spiritual Beggars' "Mantra III" and Kyuss' "Welcome to Sky Valley". Both are dirty sounding "70's Black Sabbath"-bands. They really make me jump up and down, sing and scream.

Enough bullocks and back to more relevant things. First of I no longer have "all the power" over this music-section. I now have a co-editor, namely Flux. He'll help me fill this section with more or less interesting and relevant things, and hopefully also inspire you, dear reader, to think of a good topic and contribute with one of your own articles.

For this issue we've tried to get a decent stereo-tutorial together. I wrote about using stereo in a studio, and Flux wrote about how to adapt it to the tracker. "Why write about studio-recording?!" you might ask. Well, the idea was to write about how it's done in a studio so you could listen to any pop/rock song for references. And as the "rules" from the studio also applies to a tracker this isn't too far fetched. Is it?

Furthermore, no musicdisks were brought to my attention, and therefore there aren't many reviews in this issue. The stuff about the multichannel entries at this year's Assembly is located in the Assembly '99 Special in the Demoscene Forum.

Ok, now I'm going to lie down for a while and try to cure my illness I got as a result of the crayfish party I attended last night.