Music Disc Interfaces - Some Thoughts

Written by Maharaja

After reading both articles about Music Discs in the last Hugi I thought a bit about Music Disc Interfaces. Since I never saw a Music Disc with an interface I can only tell my thoughts about interfaces in general.

Games - I read something about a game as a kind of Music Disc and I can only say NO! Why? Because when you play a game the challenge is the point you are looking for, not the music.

Demos - Demos instead of Music Discs? No too! Same reason. You watch demos because of the effects.

Little Effects - Maybe a good Idea. Some good 2D effects or hidden 3D in Music Disc Interfaces would be a nice idea and a good place to keep 2D alive. This leads me to another thought...

Graphics - You can watch a picture while listen to a short tune. Then you can change the tune and watch the picture again. IMHO this would create a good new combination of music and graphic because you can watch pictures with different tracks and get different feelings. But there is one problem: It is different to compose a music that fits a picture and the other way too. But I am sure that you will solve that.

Little Effects On Pictures - The best idea I had. This would be very great! Maybe you can make some 'eventdriven' effects like some 'discolights' reacting on the bass or some 2D morphing influenced by the sound in general. Let your creativity drive you!

BTW: While writing this short article I am listening to [Shawn Mullins] Lullaby and [Will Smith] Miami!

Makke: You are right!!