SOS - The Real Crew?!

Written by Jester

When notified about the fact that there is also an ascii group which uses the abbreviation sOS, Jester from the hacker group SOS (formerly Sons Of Satans, now Socrates) commented:

SOS has been existing since 1992, as we had a few BBS's such as Frozen Hell. At the beginning we only dealt with warez. The group was founded after Future Technology went down the toilet in 1991. Future Technology was really dissolved in 1996.

Now SOS stands for SOCRATES and we only deal with hacking and researching. Why? I do not think that hackers or crackers will join a group with a religious name. Of course we will soon clean our member list, as 39 members are simply too much.

Is there any reason against two groups having the same abbreviation, actually?

In case of any questions, interest in our group or blahblah send a mail to

PS: If Save Our Souls have any problem, they shall contact me via e-mail. Thanks.

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