Quotes, Quarrels and Quips

Written by Adok

Sometimes sceners can be very witty, funny or simply weird. This is a collection of aphorisms, wise statements and strange encounters in IRC (#coders, #pixel, #thescene) and other places that either occurred to me or in which I was involved myself.

   <TTL-Logic> Coax cables suck! I get shocks  every time  I assemble  two of
               them. :(
   <TTL-Logic> Twisted pair are better.
   <TTL-Logic> Coaxes contain like 70V.
   <CoaXCable> Hehe.
   <CoaXCable> Yeah, maybe I ain't one of those.
   <CoaXCable> I am a good one mate!
   <TTL-Logic> A little 5V coax? :)

   *** LUKE_3D has joined #coders
   <LUKE_3D> Can you halp me please?
   <gyr> Luke, use the force.
   <LUKE_3D> What?
   <gyr> Luke, let go your feelings..
   <LUKE_3D> What is the force?
   <gyr> Luke, trust me..
   <gyr> Luke, eggflip turtle bugie motorcar.
   <zoon_> Bugie? You sure it isn't bugle?
   <gyr> Zoon, well, budgie.. but I forgot the 'd'..
   <LUKE_3D> Please?
   <gyr> Luke, what's the problem? :)

   <|ps|> cxc: Start typing properly. Your getting on my nerves.
   <CoaXCable> wowo ps
   <CoaXCable> owow  cna u nkow wehre ot get the crazy and a kiss form a rose
               by SEAL
   <|ps|> fi i typed lkie thisa ll the time it woldu be stupdi

   *** Now talking in #thescene
   *** Topic is 'SCOOPSEX - ORGIES AHEAD!'

   <ica> Salami's  on the phone trying to convince his girlfriend I'm no girl
         but a Finnish IRCer reserving him this evening. ;D

   *** Count_NMS has joined #pixel
   <Count_NMS> hi all
   *** aGi has joined #pixel
   <adok^hugi> agi, cunt
   <adok^hugi> count even

   *** Now talking in #coders
   *** Topic is 'new hugi tissue: http://hugi.rockz.org'
   *** Set by dvb on Wed Jul 28 22:15:15
   <dvb> Adok, the topic?  It wasn't me, I swear, it was XMunkki, yeah, I saw
         him changing the topic!!

   Psychic Symphony's votesheet, category Best Female Scener:
   [.6.] .thorsten...............................................
   Comment: "Show this in the quotes. Credit me! :D"

   Feather/Tpolm greets Unreal & Adok:
   <fthr> WOJTEK HUGSKI!

   <rappidSPD> Adok!!!
   <adok^hugi> rappid^SozialdemokratischeParteiDeutschlands!
   <rappidSPD> Hehe.

   Two sceners with the handle Inferno are on #pixel. Loco comments:
   <Loco^JCE> Two Infernos? ..... Damn this channel is goin' to hell.

   * MM-3o3'rV slaps adok^hugi around a bit with a large trout
   * adok^hugi slaps MM-3o3'rV around a bit with a large trout
   * MM-3o3'rV beats with a 60lb Unix Manual on adok's Head! Eat this Sucker!
   * adok^hugi smacks MM-3o3'rV with a print-out of hugi16
   * MM-3o3'rV shows adok^hugi the Space Mountain!
   * adok^hugi shoots 10,000 nuclear bombs at MM-3o3'rV
   * MM-3o3'rV engagin papasmurf to adok^hugi in 5 Mins!
   *** You were kicked from #Pixel by MM-3o3'rV (Super Kick!)
   <adok^hugi> Ehehe.
   <adok^hugi> Actually the right reaction to this would be a takeover... but
               since this is #pixel I'll refrain from doing so. ;)

   <He-acidum> Adok - It seems you are a genius!!
   <He-acidum> You  are  workin'  on Hugi all the time but sitting on IRC too
               and doing mail and so on.
   <adok^hugi> He-acidum: Yes. The whole secret is: be fast.
   <Acrylo> Adok is no genius.
   <Acrylo> Adok has got 4 arms.
   <He-acidum> 4?
   <Acrylo> Sure ..
   <He-acidum> Huuh. I have 20 fingers... huhu. But it cannot help me. ;(
   <adok^hugi> Acrylo: But if I have 4 arms I need 2 brains  to coordinate my
               arm movements. :)
   <Acrylo> Adok: Yes .. that's why they call you bighead at the office. =D
   <He-acidum> Doublebrained head.
   <thorsten> Insects have six 'arms' and a tiny brain.
   <adok^hugi> Thorsten: And they can't write diskmags. :)
   <Acrylo> But they don't write emails.
   <Acrylo> Two fools, one thought.
   <superhoe> Thorsten is a.. is a.. is a.. MAN.
   <random-> I'm right handed and I have half-brain..
   <adok^hugi> The  right  half of the brain for  the right hand and the left
               half of the brain for the left hand.
   <adok^hugi> That's ok.
   <He-acidum> Random - huh. And what does the other half?
   <random-> He-acidum, heh.. just guess.. =)
   <He-acidum> Oooooooooh. Guessing is braindamage...

   The truth about Quakers.
   "Quaker - a member of the Society of Friends,  a Christian religious group
   that opposes all violence, has no priests and holds its religious meetings
   in silence."
   (Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1995. Found by Bam/evolve.)