Inspiration, Motivation and Frustration

Written by Makke

To be creative you need two things: inspiration and motivation. If not both are there, chaos will break out in your brain. Your body will start to itch. You won't be able to sit still. You can't concentrate. You become restless.

Now, usually both components are there. But sometimes they aren't, and then you feel really bad. The case is often that motivation is there, but you don't have any inspiration. You want to do something, but you don't know what. You want to create, but you don't know how. True frustration.

So you fire up FastTracker and start to toy around with some samples. But nothing sounds good. Shit!

Ok, so you fire up your word-processor, but you don't know what to write. So you start to write just what is in your head at that moment.

"Got to send that reply e-mail to Styx. Nah, I can't. I promised to send him the CD, and I didn't... so then I'll have to explain why I didn't send it. Because I'm broke. Well, I am. But I wasn't a week ago... I could've sent it then. Better not write him yet! Why should I write him now... I mean, he forgot to greet me in their new demo. I should be angry! No, I can't be angry because of that."

And then you sit back and look at what you've written. Garbage. Who wants to read this?! No one! Not even I myself. Perhaps Styx would like to know why I reply his e-mail so late (greets Styx!).

Well, this shit goes down the drain at once! < DELETE SHIT.TXT >

What now... I need to do something. Check the e-mail! Yes! Check the e-mail! Somebody might have written something that can inspire me to write something useful! < CHECK E-MAIL >

Goddamn, only spam.

Do I have something to review? Hmm... yes. I have this music-disk. But I don't feel like reviewing it now.

BAAAM! All of a sudden everything changes. There is inspiration, but no motivation. How come? I was itching to write something, but I didn't want to write that review. Why not? I don't know... I seriously don't know. And that is even more frustration! You have something you know you "have to write". But you don't.

It's days like these you just sit and wait to check your e-mail again. You check your e-mail every 2nd hour. And you know there will be nothing new, but just in case you check. Days like these suck! It's days like these you feel like you're no good at all! It's days like these you should've stayed in bed.

This is a day like that...