Why is the C64 so hyped?

Written by Makke

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I've noticed that many people from the PC scene are just thrilled to scream "C64s rock!", "The C64-scene isn't dead!" and "I love C64's!", but no one really knows how to operate the sons of bitches.

Any idiot knows how to load a C64 game. Yet, this seems to be considered very elite in the PC scene. I mean, don't you guys think we PC users look kind of lame when we scream "YEAH! C64s are the greatest computers there are!", when all we really can is to load a game and write,

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We consider the "I'm a computer wizz because I can change icons in Windows"-guys lame, because they think they know it all. Don't you think the C64 sceners think we're just as lame when we say "Yea! C64s rock 'n rule, man!", when all we can is to change the background colour in Basic with a POKE-command?

Sure, I love C64s and I think the C64-sceners are the coolest sceners of all. And I love the songs produced with the C64 SID, but that doesn't make me a C64 phreak, now does it? The C64 sceners don't consider themselves cool PC sceners just because they like what PC sceners made. Still some PC sceners seem to believe they are cool C64 sceners just because they have all the MS2k C64-releases in .D64-format for their emulator.

Basically C64 sucks. It was a great computer when it was state of the art. But nowadays it just sucks. Just as much as a 386 sucks. If not more. But we consider them cooler just because of the nostalgic value to them. Memories from the childhood when we played Bubble Bobble or got the chance to beat the crap out of our big brothers in International Karate. That's why we like them.

What we don't remember is how fast we were to sell our C64s to buy Amigas, and how much we laughed at people buying our "shitty" C64s. That thing isn't in out memory anymore.

I sold my C64 fast as hell when I had the chance to buy an Amiga 500. I regretted this a few years ago, and bought a "new" C64 and a C128. Now when I was older I wanted to see how this machine really worked, and maybe try to learn how to make C64 SIDs. And you know what? It's hard to learn how to make SIDs. It's not "hard" as such, but it's hard to motivate yourself to work with a "shitty" interface, and only get noise out of your speakers that more sounds like somebody beating your cat than a Rob Hubbard song. It's really hard.

What I'm saying is C64s are cool. You can make interesting and beautiful things with them. But PC people, please. Do not try to be or sound like something you're not. I beg of you. It's pathetic.


PS: Also read the C64-remix Article in the music-section. "

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