Windows versus DOS

Written by Mati/Aion

[Translated from the Polish orginal "Windows i scena pc" from Crush #1]

This subject is very popular right now so I decided to write something about it. To start with I'd like to say that I don't like Microsoft and Windows, either. And about this system (Windows, of course) I want to say something.

This article is more about Win 95 and 98 rather than NT (and 2000 because I haven't seen it yet). So I'm lookin' on this war dos-windows and I think it is nonsense. I think that DOS died a long time ago! We have new 64bit procs and there's no place for an 8bit DOS system here... In this old OS you can't use computers with more than one proc. Of course, in Windows 95 you can't either but now I think about better systems like Unix or WinNT. DOS is a system which went with 386/486 processors... I know some people have old comps with procs like that but how many are there? We can say that for example minimum is Pentium 200MMX and here Windows wins over DOS. But I'll say that differently - it's not Windows that wins but DOS that retires. Because there are many other systems better than Windows 95, e.g. Linux or WinNT. And I say it's nonsense to use DOS in 1999... In Windows there is no problem with drivers, whereas in DOS there is only one standard VESA and no others. If you use a nonstandard gfx card, then you must include drivers for it in your program - in Windows it will work properly and the coder doesn't need to worry about it... Or show me a better DOS program at 2d gfx than PhotoShop5 for Win95. What? You can't?! DOS is dead...

PS. This article is rather interesting for Polish (but not only Polish!) sceners who still use DOS.

- mati^aion