Takeover '99 Intros and Demos Review

Written by mSW

By Arf!Studios
64k intro

This is only a tiny, really tiny anim. It shows an elephant and some little kid who tells a joke about the elephant. At the end he gets hit by a tomato. Not really top of the clubs, but funny if you're into this kind of intros.

Rating: 34/100

By Aardbei
64k intro

The intro starts with a nice fading, beaming Aardbei logo, followed by a color beamed Pole logo. The sound is really atmospheric and fits the intro nicely. Some landscape vectors are followed by a beautiful star vector. Then comes a twirling colour thingy. The greetings part is nicely done. In the background we can see some kind of volcano spitting out blobs, while the greetings and credits fade from left to the right. I really loved this effect. The overal gfx seemed a bit to blurred and perhaps the bass a bit too loud, but overall a nice one.

Rating: 66/100

By Suburban Creations
64k intro

We start the show with a Rubicon logo with a nice colorful beamed light behind it. Then we get some designed thingy like an orange. But the effect behind it all looks great. Some kind of plasma. Right after this your eyes will explode by the magnificent raytraced effects you will get too see. These are really amazing. Realtime animated at a very nice rate on my machine. The music is really relaxing to listen to. Perhaps a little sleep effect, but it's perfectly chosen for this production. Rating: 90/100

Change Of Plans
By Standard
64k intro

Again we are treated with colour slime movements, presenting the artists responsible for this intro. In the background we hear a 303 techno song which in my ears don't sound correctly at the very beginning. After some more colour movements we see a couple of moving cones. Really nice to watch, only the resolution is a bit low. They move like worms, and the screen rotates. In the middle you can see a bass booming speaker. After that your mind is tickled with several really fast moving colour cycles. Lovely done! Next we get the TO99 flower which opens up. Nice to watch again. Then we see some blob blurred things and the intro suddenly ends. This is really a pitty because it could have been a nice production. And I hope to see more from Standard in the near future.

Rating: 80/100

Bakkslide 7
By Hellcore Vs. Omnicolour
64k intro

The first thing I wanna say about this intro is, drop the ramped bass! And the second thing is... grey, grey and once again grey! But due to the fact of no colour this intro rocks in design. You are treated with a row of really nice effects. The beginning is a party itself. You fly into a smoke like a cloudy world. From time to time it gets really sharp, and then blurs into smoke again. The object are made of dots, and move around in really weird patterns. It is all shown in a widescreen kind of view. Full screen would have been better in my eyes. But overall a very cewl intro.

Rating: 84/100

Soepkip 5
By Kontvlokken Posse
3dfx needed

This one starts with a joke about Ambience '99. They crossed it and put Takeover under it. Just they weren't shown at Amb '99 or something like that. The demo moves at a high rate, but what did you expect from a 3dfx demo. The objects are clean and sharp. The members of the group have really strange names, but who gives a sh*t. Perhaps a little more colour difference would have been nice. The best thing in this demo are the twirling vectors, most of all the one at the end of the demonstration. It looks like a Zeppelin but rotates around its own axis. Really a great effect. The music is a standard tune, nothing special.

Rating: 65/100

Enjoy Life, Eat Shit
By Rectum Cauda

The first thing I saw from Rectum Cauda Dutch Division. And I must say that I don't have to see anything from them again if they continue like that. Damn, what a crappy demo. It looks like something my grandfather could have been watching when he was my age. The sound failed at my system, so that was a bad start to begin with. The graphics are way too simple. Over all not worth a download if you ask me.

Rating 20/100

- mSW^sOS