Chaos Constructions 999 Intros Review

Written by FatCrazer

==[256 bytes]==

Spirograph by Cooler/CoolSoft Team - Place: 1st

Wonderful multipart intro. First it shows a rotating motion-blured figure, then we see lots of different multicolored graphs, and finally big graph and image fade into darkness.

3D Morf by Grax/Russian Kullubussian. - Place: 2nd

We see a strange 3D morphing thingie.

RGB by Stas Korovin. - Place: 3rd

Very strange. We see red vertical lines and red dots appearing on the bottom of the screen. The screen gets filled up by them.

Bad TV by Doctor Max/Global Corp. - Place: 4th

We see the picture of a TV-set and hindrances on its screen.

Fly by Cobra/Pi Labs. - Place: 5th

The camera flies over a cheker-colored 3d board. Sometimes it looks like motionblurred.

Pointfall. - Place: 6th

Ahem. Ahem. You see lots of dots flickering. Well... probably we would see points falling on a 386, but not on my P150.

One Fx by Robert Barr. - Place: 7th

We see two different red patterns. Each pattern changes its colour a bit.

==[512 bytes]==

Benzoids by SerzhSoft. - Place: 1st

We see drops moving and leaving trails. When we stop the intro, they disappear by decreasing their size.

Fire Mess by Sub Zero/SandS. - Place: 2nd

We see some text created with burning letters.

Plasma by Sunman/PFC. - Place: 3rd

In the center of the screen is a coloured plasma. Over it, we can spot some tremulous text.

Plutina by Denis Astahov/ANDESA Soft Int. - Place: 4th

There are lots of red colored lines on the screen. After waiting a bit some intresting patterns form.

Art by GraX/Russian Kulubussian. - Place: 5th

Well... Poor work. For an unknown reason it didn't run correctly on the compo-machine. We see an ASCII picture of a girl that brules to a VGA picture of the same girl. Real killer.

Bars512 by S.P.Y.. - Place: 6th

Textmode copper with text.

==[4k intros]==

Wish by Exploder/Extreme. - Place: 1st

This one was shown on Amiga. It has music. We see lots of 3d objects rotating near a column. Good one.

Dazzle by Pyrodex/Eternity Industry. - Place: 2nd

Extremely good. There are lots of multicolored freedirectional tunnels and planes. Some effects can't be described. A real "must see".

3054 by Dj.Dron. - Place: 3rd

Old-style effects with rotating lines like in Win screensavers, but a little bit better. And on the bottom of the screen there is a long scroller. Nice but too simple for 4 kbyte.

==[64k intros]==

Nerve by Proxium. - Place: 1st

Fantastic! Incredible! This intro should be shown on a foreign party, and it would win! It looks really better or at least as good as Jizz or Stash!

The first effect with something shining in the sunred of the screen is too long in my opinion. Then you see a 3d rotating spiral and the same picture in a small window in the bottom-right edge of the screen, followed by a small morphing phong shaded stone and the logo of the intro on the right.

There are lots of parts. One of the best is the rotating shining light-sources. They rotate around a column and there are lots of mirrors on the walls around. I also like the part with a view of a surface under which something moves and changes its form.

Metaballs can also be found in this intro. Some of them look like they are made of transparent glass. And the most complex and nicest looking part is the final one. It consists of a torus on the top of which a transparent banana (or something like that) rotates, and you can spot lightsources on every vertex.

Words can't explain the coolness of this intro. You'd better see it with your own eyes.

Noname by PFC. - Place: 2nd

The whole palette of this intro is dark. We see photos of Japanese towns and dark effects over it. No 3D. Only a few tunnel-like effects look like it. It is a very sad intro. But I like it. The party version was a bit too short for my taste, but the final one will probably be longer.

- FatCrazer/Storm