Bytefall '99 Demos Review

Written by FatCrazer

OVERMIND By T-rex - Official place: 1st

This demo starts with the 3D view of a cockroach. Suddenly a big leg kills it. The camera shows a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, whose leg it was. Then the credits start. You see the names of the authors appearing in the corners. And in the center you spot a wonderful rotating env-mapped cube. Then you see something like a tunnel and something strange in 3d rotating in its center. Between all parts of the demo there are wonderful 2D effects like in Boost by Doomsday. The most impressive parts are a 3d face of Bill Gated snapping his teeth and a movie of Boris Yeltsin dancing. In the over effects sometimes appear strange symbols and letters. You see the famous E=MC^2, a poem taken from "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol, and chemistry formulas. This demo doesn't have much stunning 3D, but the whole design is wonderful and it really deserves its first place.

Credits: Code - Warhawk, Art & Music - Tangerine, 3d animation - Noob Saibot

Dive By UniVerse - Official place: 2nd

This demo is completely old-style. It has only one 3d effect. But the 2d effects are really beautiful. This demo is about the sea. It starts with appearing words that the authors present this demo. Then you see a logo of the group - UniVerse. There are lots of parts, and I will mention only the best. My favourite effect consists of a lot of rotating multicolored polygons (it sounds crap - you'd better watch it yourself). But there are some bad sides to the demo. Although it is completely 2d it is slow. And on my P150 some parts are not shown completely - the demo breaks them to catch the music. I tried it with GUS - everything worked... But it is really bad not to support SB users.

Credits: Code - Programmer, Art - GreenPix7, Music - Manwe/SandS

Realm of the inside By Storm Studios - Official place: 3rd

Well... this is the demo made by our group. I will try to be impartial. So this demo begins with a warning that the authors didn't have enough time to make everything okay. Then you see a textured tunnel. Credits appear from all sides of the screen. The tunnel ends. A picture of a running robot appears. Next come Despair-styled rotozoomers. Over them appears a logo. Then you see a picture called "X-Wing mania" with two X-Wings, followed by the 3d-part, which really sucks. It is about a strange-shaped airplane flying over surfaces and between big hemisperes. And at last the greetings part comes. It is extremly simple and shows black & white text.

Credits: Code - FatCrazer, Art - Yuran G. & Set, 3Dart - Red, Music - Arsenium

- FatCrazer/Storm